Tuesday 7 February 2012

Leo and the first snowfall

Dear Leo,

You gazed in wonder out of the window as the snow started to fall. As it started to settle you just stared all around. It was all so new and you just had a excited sparkle in your eyes.

The ground was starting to turn white...

I grabbed your snow suit and bundled you up so we could run outside, I wanted you to experience your very first snow fall. It was Saturday 4th February 2012, I had been awaiting the first snow all winter...So I could at least show you a glimpse of the white stuff, that is ohh so much fun to play in.

One day I will help you build a Snowman and have a snow ball fight with you! Not this time though....You are a little young and throwing snow at you may daunt you for years to come as you are just 7 months old....The last thing I want to do is give you a complex!

You wait for Daddy to show you how to use a Sledge....I will have to supervise...Daddy likes steep slopes that I am afraid I wont allow!

We took a little walk instead so you could take in your surroundings, the snow fell in your hair and made your little eyes blink. It wasn't a heavy snow but it was your first all the same.

We didn't stay out long as it was bitterly cold. After our little walk down the drive we went back to the house and warmed ourselves back up...we then watched the snow continue to fall through the window.

Next year you will be walking...and talking! I still find this hard to believe...but I promise as soon as the first snow falls, I will build you a Snowman. He will be your very first and he will wear a scarf and have little stone eyes, you will be awe struck by the carrot that is his nose! There is a fine art to Snowman building...but with Daddy's help we will make a bigger one than this!!

Happy first snowfall Leo, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I.

Love Mummy xx

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