Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Becofeeding Set Review

The lovely people over at Becothings have been kind enough to send Leo, the little Rugrat that he is, A Becofeeding Set. As you all know, Leo is coming up to 8 months old and is well and truly on the weaning boat!

Becothings are a Eco friendly company,  so you can rest assured that every item that they manufacture has been very carefully thought through. All the materials used are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

When the company first came about they brought us the Becohanger which is made entirely from recycled cardboard! Now the range is expanding and more great products are on their way. Why not visit their website and take a look through their exciting range for yourselves.

Becothings Say:
Here at Becothings we are passionate about fun products that are good for the environment. We are constantly looking at new materials and fresh ideas for Eco alternatives to everyday products. Let´s face it, we all need to do our bit.
Over the past year we have expanded our range rapidly and are still growing. Becothings might have just started with little hangers but there are many more ideas to come...
All Becothings have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means we don’t just look at functionality, we also study product life cycles. Things like hangers and potties often end up in landfill sites, so it’s important that we plan ahead. With the right materials and the right design we hope our Becothings will have as little environmental impact as possible.

The Becofeeding Set is made from the natural plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks, this means that once finished with, the whole product can biodegrade unlike other feeding sets you can buy in the supermarkets. With a little extra thought, your thoughts will go a long way in protecting the environment for the future generations! (Our children!)

The set comes in 3 vibrant colours: Baby Blue, Hot Pink and Lime Green. Leo and I opted for the very appealing Baby Blue Set. Each set comes with a Becobeaker, Becoplate and a Becobowl.
The Becobeaker features a easy grip design for those little hands and also a high curved rim to prevent those spills that happen all to often. Leo is a little young to use this at the moment, but when the time comes for him to use his first 'Big Boy' Cup, I know that this is going to be just perfect and I doubt Leo will have any arguments over the lovely Blue colour.

The Becoplate has a very appealing feature that in my eyes I think all you Mummy's and Daddy's will welcome! High sides! Yes...This very clever plate prevents all those pieces of food that always seem to jump like Lemmings, one after the other to their deaths...Yes you know all about the food I am talking about...The food you always have to pick up off the floor after your little one has finished their little destruction darby during..Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Leo still managed to tip his toast all over the floor but the prevention did give us a little extra time prior to the Lemming toast jumping ship!

The Becobowl comes in a attractive white and again features a fun and practical design! A perfect design for little ones who want to eat like grown ups! I think Leo may have competition from the Other Half on the Becofeeding set front....

You will also be pleased to know that all of the Becofeeding set is dishwasher safe (On the top shelf).

Leo and I highly approve of the Becofeeding Set and Becothings in general! My personal opionion and beliefs are that if it is better for the environment then it must be better for us and most certainly Leo, this speaks out to me in the way the products are made. Natural materials over man made plastics are an easy descion for me, and where there is a choice I am inclinced to choose the eco friendly Becofeeding Set.
The Becofeeding Set retails at £11.99 and can be ordered online at www.becothings.com
So in the words of Becothings 'whilst your little ones might be making a mess of the kitchen they won't be messing up the environment!'

So Happy Eating everyone...and why not save the planet at the same time!

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