Monday 13 February 2012

Stand by...We have a crawler!

At 7 and a half months, Leo... up until last week has shown no real sign of moving. In typical Boy style, Leo would like everything to come to him. He would roll over and that was it. He would reach...He would grab...and when he couldn't get what or where he wanted to go...He would scream to the high heavens.

Last Monday (6th Feb) all of a sudden...Leo could pull himself up on to his haunches. He has been strong enough to be PUT on his haunches for weeks, where he would rock. Monday...he could do it all himself. As the days have gone by, Leo has become stronger and stronger.

This is footage from throughout last week, I just find it hard to believe how quickly he has developed on the crawling front!

Right this minute, he is rolling and crawling around on the living room floor and I am trying to get some updated footage!

I know now he can move, he is going to be causing a whole new lot of trouble. I am already saying 'No' and having to jump up to go and stop him pulling books of the case....going near the fireplace (looks as though the fire guard is going up this week!)

His momentum and strength is gaining every day. It wont be long before I have a little shadow following me around the house! I guess he now just needs to get a better sense of direction and maybe a sat nav!

Well done little Leo and enjoy your new found sense of mobility! Just pretty please...don't start climbing just yet!

When did your little ones find their all fours and start to move?

Laura xx

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