Sunday 26 February 2012

Leo & The Butterfly Farm

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends in the lovely sunshine. Did you make the most of the beautiful weather by going out and about?

We did!

Just yesterday we decided to head over to Stratford Upon Avon. Yes we are lucky enough to live not far from this picturesque town and all that is around the local area. Which is brilliant on a Summer's day, even if you just intend to take a stroll by the river...Or if you are feeling adventurous - Renting a boat!

Luke and I decided that Leo was around the right age to appreciate a trip to the Butterfly Farm. Leo takes in all the detail in his surroundings and loves our trips to feed the ducks, so I was very excited at showing him the hundreds of Butterfly's that inhabited the farm.

I have to admit, I am not a bug person. At All! So the thought of hundreds of Butterfly's (Beautiful as they are) that could potentially land on me, did not appeal to me at all.

Who can be scared of Butterfly's I hear you ask!? Yes I admit it. I am a rare being... but anything creepy crawly just gives me the jitters, I put the fear to one side and stepped into the very busy Butterfly Flight Area.

As soon as the 3 of us walked through the doors I was awe struck. They were everywhere, all different colours and sizes, to say the least there were some very BIG Butterfly's but they were all just stunning and so very gracefull. You could even compare them to Fairies.

Leo was looking all around, his head darting here and there trying to see where these winged creatures were heading. There were just so many to capture Leo's attention, that he just did not know where to look next.

The surroundings for the Butterfly's is lush greenary and bright colourful flowers. Plenty of hiding places for the Butterfly's, but as suspected they did not think twice about landing on passers by.

Luckily I was not one of the chosen few...Luke on the other hand attracted quite a bit of attention from the Butterfly's. Part of me was hoping Leo would have one land on his head...(Typical me....thinking of the potential photo oppurtunity) this however did not come about...and if the chance had arrisen I think Leo may have tried to give the Butterfly a loving touch, which of course...wouldn't have been in said Butterfly's best interests!

There are 4 areas to visit within the Butterfly Farm:
- The Flight Area
- The Caterpillar Room
- Insect City
- Arachnoland
Luke was very taken with Insect City where Cutting Ants are hard at work serving their Queen. The exhibit has been set up so the Ants come out of the very busy nest, up the rope and right over your heads!
It is rather spectacular. The Ants travel across the rope that expands to high rise platforms at each end of the room. They travel a rather long way to get what they need, and then all the way back again. In the end I did have to prise Luke away so we could carry on through...

Arachnoland of course has some rather big Tarrantula's (That can actually eat a Bird!) which of course I really dislike..I was just happy that they were locked securely away in their enclosures....It was all very interesting while also making my skin crawl. This section for Leo was not very benefitial...So we quickly made our way back to the Flight Area so he could see some more Butterfly's.

After a lovely stroll around the Butterfly Farm, we had all worked up an appetite. We took the oppurtinty to go and find some lunch before heading home.
It is safe to say we all enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend, and I am very much looking forward to the warmer weather that will soon be upon us for Summer. I forsee many a picnic by the river and many more family days out....But where will we go next?
Laura xx


  1. Love his outfit and looks like a beautiful place! xx

    1. Thanks Vikki,

      It is truly lovely and I am sure it wont be long before you and your gorgeous little monkey are off on many adventures! :-)

      I hope you are both well! xx


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