Wednesday 8 February 2012

Dear Leo, My Little Monster..

Dear Leo, or should I say 'Little Monster',

These days you're cheeky personality is shining through and that little halo that once shone so brightly above you is starting to fall, in fact Leo I can see two little monster horns starting to come into their own and I know that I am in for big trouble.

Last week Leo, you decided that you would pee all over me...not just once...but once each day, for 3 consecutive days! You decided to start the 'water fight' whilst at Nanny's house after your bath, and no I did not notice as you did it so slyly, and yes thank you for shooting it so accurately that it did look like I myself had a little accident.

As if that wasn't humiliation enough...Upon getting you dressed for the day you decided to take that opportunity to get me again! This time I did notice...very much so! Although it was either duck and dive and spend the morning scrubbing the carpet or sit and take it as a Mummy should. So I sat there and got another un-provoked soaking! The funny thing is Leo, you seem to know exactly what you are doing! Granny laughed at the situation un-folding and you stopped to soak in the atmosphere, and then proceeded to pee all over me, beaming me a big toothy grin.

Finally...touch wood the third and final soaking came (thus far!) while getting you ready for bed. I am not ashamed to admit that I did let out a little shriek when the first trickle of warmth brushed on my lap! I think my surprised reaction startled you. I have to admit I have no intention of apologising for this I am afraid little man.

The lesson to this tale is....Don't pee on Mummy! Save it for Daddy!

Now next complaint is your constant need to strategically place baby sick in hard to reach places all over my clothes. I go around all day wondering why I can smell baby sick but I cannot find it! People I meet must be horrified, and be glad when I...the offending odour walks away! As for your Daddy, god only knows what he must think!

These days I often compare myself to Lynette Scarvo off Desperate Housewives (Lord only knows why I am telling you this Leo...How will you know who Lynette Scarvo is!?)

Lynette has learnt how to rock the Mum look, she can pull off the sick smell...she can probably even locate the most hidden kinds that I can only dream of finding! Ahhh I can dream...

Now you can bounce forwards and are starting to get where you want to go...I dread to think what your new tricks will be...When you can crawl with confidence...oh my...
  • Toast in the DVD player?
  • My makeup down the loo?
  • Arhh Remotes down the loo?
I have to stop thinking Leo, I get the feeling I am not going to have to wait long to find out...

So Leo...Pleaseeeee bare these rules in mind next time you plan your next monstrous deed:

  • No pee peeing on Mummy - Just Daddy!
  • No hiding vomit on Mummy - Just Daddy!
  • Upon you finding your mobility I have to ask you not to throw yourself out of the pool pitt. Yes you can throw the balls out...but your not a retriever! Please don't fetch!
  • No typing on Mummy's laptop, Yes it's cute but I don't know how many of those 'Blue Screen Error Messages' it can take.

Good night little monster...
P.S - When it comes down to it...I don't really mind any of the above, and your no monster. Your my little lion and you can do no wrong. I am not afraid to admit that I am a Mummy and occosionally yes my darling baby boy will deposit a little treat from lunch all down my back. Or he will supersoak my favourite outfit....

Sweet dreams baby..
Love Mummy xx


  1. Your Leo just so cute. I wondering how if someday I'll be a mother and have a cute 'little monster'.. :)

    1. Hi Nabilla, thank you - we all think he's pretty cute too but I think we are a little biased :-)

      I hope one day you do, it is the greatest ever!

      Thanks for the lovely comment :-)) xxx


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