Wednesday 1 February 2012

Roaring and a non existant bedtime routine!

This past week my whole bedtime routine for Leo has gone to POT...and that is to say the very least. If you ask me what has changed, I will look at you blankly and my mind will start to ponder. To answer the question on all of your lips...I don't know what has changed, and I don't know how to fix it.

Since Leo's sudden change in sleeping I have been trying everything. I have brought bedtime forward, fed him his tea later, sat quietly (as always!), let him win and kept him up and put him in the jumperoo so he can burn off his very apparent energy!

None of the above has worked.

So what has his new 'routine' been like I hear you ask!?

Well...I feed him his solids between half 4 and 5pm, and taken him straight up for his bath. I then get him ready for bed after his splash about, and he then starts to calm down and has a bottle which he will take his time on...I cannot usually get him to drink the full 8oz's these days and to be honest...I think thats where the problem lies.

I say this as he is taking the bottle but he is not fully committing himself to drinking it, meaning that come 8pm, he is hankering after another one! At 7 months old we have been getting through 3 bottles from 8pm through to the next morning, and he still wakes once a night for a 6oz bottle!

Last night was a particulary bad night, he stayed awake until gone 11pm and despite my greatest efforts he would just not go down! I have to put my hands up and say that I brought him through to watch tele in bed with Luke and I. I just needed some time to unwind myself.

Tonight...I think/HOPE we have a turning point. Straight after his bath I got him ready for bed and made up his bedtime bottle. This was at around 6:30pm. With this I came and sat in his nursery in the rocking chair, opposed to downstairs. This gave him peace and quiet.

He wouldnt take the milk to start with and performed his swan call and also his new talent...roaring! He now mimics the GRRR sound, and for me...I crack up just hearing him do it! He really nows how to get me.

I let him get on with it and before long, I think he bored himself. He took about 4oz of milk and that was it he wouldn't drink any more for about 20 minutes or so. In the end I got atleast 7oz down him and then put him straight down at around 7:30! RECORD time!

I have not heard a peep from him's hoping we have broken his little party routine and can get him back onto my wave length!

How have you dealt with your little ones disruptive bedtime behaviour? I am open to suggestions!

I will let you know if the changes implemented tonight make any difference! Tonight is the first night in weeks I have sat down to watch One Born Every Minute on my own!!!

Laura xx

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  1. I am pleased to announce that the changes we put in place WORKED! He got up once at around 4am Last night he also got up once!

    No more cat naps and an active baby up all evening! Yay!

    Laura x


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