Monday 27 February 2012

View From The Lounge Window

Now I have found my all four's, the living room is truly my oyster. I can crawl where I like, (If I am not to sleepy or hungry) when I like (When Mummy lets me).

Recently those big cut outs in the wall have really caught my attention...That's it... The windows.
When I am quick enough I can outsmart Mummy and make a bee line for the windows. I am getting rather fast now (If I do say so myself). If I am feeling strong enough I can now even begin to pull myself up on the little chair by the window....That really makes Mummy run...hehehe....

Through the window I can see my Aunt and Uncle playing in the garden. They kick around balls, chase each other and sometimes if they see me looking, they come right over to the window and pull some very funny faces. I have to admit that it always makes me giggle, but how I wish I could be outside playing too...

Mummy tells me how it won't be long before I can join in on all their fun and games...I am already biding my time. I am going to learn to walk and I am going to play! Hard! Summer time will not know what has hit it.

 I sit and stare until Mummy moves me away, but I always attempt to get back to the window...I would hate to think I was missing out on anything.

One day...I will be outside playing too....

Leo is now well and truly on the path to growing up. He is quickly putting his baby days behind him and I know it wont be long before I have a full fledged toddler on my hands. When did this happen!?

He loves to just sit and stare outside, willing his Aunt and Uncle to know that he is there staring hard at them with his big blue puppy dog eyes, that no-one can say no too.

I can't help feeling a little bad for Leo, but until the weather improves and the grass is dries for him to crawl around on, or he learns to walk, he will have to be content in Mummy's arms or...taking in the view from the lounge window.

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