Thursday 16 February 2012

Leo & The Cotswold Wildlife Park

Hey! Leo here!

My oh my! Yesterday I went on one very exciting adventure. I really want to tell you all about it but I just don't know where to begin!

Right...So I was hustled into the car with no idea at all where I was going. When we finally pulled to a stop I was very ready to get out and see the new surroundings, normally all I can see is my Mummy while in my Pushchair, but today I was facing out into the world! I could see all different kinds of strange creatures...they didn't look like anyone or anything I had ever seen before... What were they and where was I?

Mummy explained that we were at a place called the Cotswold Wildlife Park and that all the strange creatures I was seeing were Animals. Silly Mummy made it sound like all my questions had now been answered with this one word 'Animals', but really didn't answer any of my questions at all!

Anyway I must have forgotten that I cared what they were...eventually I just found them very interesting to watch, I realised that if I started crying in the Pushchair, Mummy would pick me out so I could see everything in much more detail! It is so nice to finally have Mummy trained the way I like. Turning the 'Cry' on and having her know exactly what to do is such a brilliant feature!

I saw so many Animal's that I have never seen before, Animal's that exceeded my wildest imagination...and I have read some books such as the Gruffulo! There was the Rhino...Golly gosh, that thing stinks more than I do after a special nappy! I would not want to clean up after him!
There was the Lion, who looked like a big pussy cat, I don't understand why Mummy wouldn't let me bring one home! He could sleep at the end of my cot...I mean there is Lion everything in my room why not complete the set??

There was a REALLY tall group of Sophie Giraffe's...I don't know how my Sophie got to be so small? Not that I mind as...I am glad my Sophie can ride along in my Pushchair with me. I think even Sophie looked a little surprised to see her giant relations!

Moving along through our adventures in the wild wilderness....We finally came to what I am told are Penguins! They are kind of like Duck's....but they don't fly and over bread they would rather eat fish!? I was so very intrigued by them, I tried my hardest to wriggle free to lunge know! Maybe catch one!? Mummy had a very tight grip on me...She is such a spoil sport! I mean...I only wanted one to bring home!

I experienced some real firsts yesterday and I had no idea such a diverse world existed out there....I do hope that I get to go and see many more sights in the next few months. Mummy keeps talking about going back to this place called work...I think going on more adventures with me would be so much more fun! I will have to show my disapproval to this work Malachi!

Here is a small clip of our day at the Cotswold Wildlife Park!

Leo :-)))

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