Friday 17 February 2012

Moments In Time

I like to capture special moments in time, especially those that come and go so quickly as they do with my little person...Leo. To capture those special moments I have been keeping a scrapbook from before he was born, it has everything in it..scans and even a picture of my positive pregnancy test. It is something that is personal to Leo and myself. We can both look at it and appreciate just how unique and special it actually is. I think scrap booking is the perfect way to present and store things that you wouldn't ordinarily keep on display.

I also take the time to get those all important photos printed and put them into the correct albums, in order of when the events occurred, for me this makes it all unfold as it happened. There is nothing better than building up a collection of albums and then having a loving flick through every now and then. I personally think it will be nice for Leo to see his Mummy and Daddy before he was even a twinkle in our eyes!

Obviously I also blog, but what other ways are there to preserve and freeze those special moments for the whole of eternity? Birth, First Smiles, A Baby's First Roll, Crawling...Walking! How do you keep such memories? Well you could capture them like this:
  • Baby hands and footprints in clay (You could also whip up some Salt Dough and make the casts in this!)
  • Pregnancy Cast (Where you can have your baby bump casted and set in clay, who wouldn't want to remember there bump!?)
  • Framing Baby's First Shoes.
  • Professional Photo Shoots.
  • Blogging.
  • Scrapbookery.
  • Photo Albums.
  • Home Videos.
  • Emails (maybe set up a email account for your little one?)
  • Fingerprint Charms and Jewellery.
These are just a few ideas to capture those moments that put a little smile on your face, so you can
relive those special moments in time. Catch it, freeze it and keep it.

My little family are good friends with a fantastic local lady who makes jewellery, and as a gift she was kind enough to take Leo's finger prints and set them on a Silver Heart Pendant for myself and on a Dog Tag for Luke.

We went to her shop on Friday 3rd February 2012 when Leo was just 7 moths old, and his finger prints were taken on clay, this was done while Leo was fast asleep and dreaming in his pushchair. He was none the wiser...even when the prints had been completed!

I am not sure how the whole process works but from my understanding, the fingerprint is taken on some special clay that when put with the Silver and baked eventually burns away and leaves just the print on the Silver!

I have just today picked up the finished items and they are just fantastic, Leo's 7 month old finger print is now frozen in time forever. Leo is going to continue to grow and grow, but that tiny little print that was taken on Friday the 3rd of February 2012 is now set in Silver for all of time.

Even as Leo grows and changes, I still have my Heart Pendant with a finger print from his baby days.

This is just the most amazing gift, it is so very personal and really captures that one moment in time, that otherwise would have passed by without being noticed.

Both mine and Luke's pieces have Leo's finger print, name and the date the print was taken on them. If I hadn't of been such a lucky girly and been given this as such an amazing gift. I would most certainly of got this done off my own back. I cannot recommend a better gift to a new Mummy than this.

Unfortunately I cannot wear my special necklace just yet, Leo happens to be going through a pulling stage. So until Leo outgrows this, my one of a kind necklace will be kept safe and sound in my jewellery box to avoid any un-wanted and un-forgiving tugs that could cause disaster!

So do any of you have such an item of jewellery? or any other ideas on how to capture such moments in time? If you have any further thoughts I would love to hear from you.

Laura & Leo xx

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