Sunday 26 February 2012

Leo & His New Found Wave

Just tonight, completely out of the blue and so very un-unexpectedly, Leo waved his very first wave!

Leo and I were playing around on the living room floor, and as usual I had a very active 8 month old crawling circles around me. I often wave at Leo to encourage him to do it back, I even take his hand and gently wave it for him. This encouragement seems to have tonight when I waved at Leo, he un-mistakenly began to wave back!

From other post's in regards to Leo's First's and Milestones, you will realise that with each new step forward, I always think that my imagination is seeing things that aren't really happening. However Leo is now most certainly waving!

His Great Grandfather witnessed his very first wave and not long after his Uncle paid us a visit. As soon as Leo's uncle entered the room...Leo put on a mass waving extravaganza!

This is such a proud Mummy moment for me. I have taken a little footage of his wave. You can't see but Leo's Aunt, Uncles, Grandad and Great Grandad are all sat on the sofa waving like there is no tomorrow at him. This is Leo's response...

Well done Leo, you make me so proud!

Happy 8 months birthday for tomorrow! (27th February 2012)

Mummy and Daddy xx


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