Saturday 13 April 2013

A Spring Time Haunt

The Cotswold Farm park is a regular haunt for me and Leo, as soon as the weather permits we like to go for a stroll and see the baby animals. I have to admit the areas with all the kids and lambs is my favourite part.

We visited last weekend with daddy, we left the pushchair in the car and set off to the farm with Leo clutching my hand. He was so interested in all the car’s parked up in the car park as we walked along to get our ticket, that I did wonder whether we should have taken him to the bike show like Daddy had originally suggested (not my idea of fun!)

Ticket in hand, a 21 month old toddler and space, lots and lots of space for him to run, explore and have fun.

 He saw all of the play equipment first, then the goats in the pen. Very soon he was no longer holding our hands and was running ahead shouting ‘bye dada’. We soon guided our little stow away into the baby area, little lambs or Baa’s as Leo calls them were jumping up and down hay bales, and the little kid goats were playing with the ball.

Leo was straight up to that pen and pucking his lips together as though he was calling for a cat to come to him. He was so excited by the real life Timmy Sheep that we could not get him away from this one enclosure. He would have absolutely loved to feed them a bottle but we had just missed feeding time, but I am sure there will always be next time!

Leo oinked at the piglets as they nuzzled with their Mummy, he petted a rabbit in the walk in enclousure (another area he really didn’t want to leave!) he bounced high on the bouncy pillows and had many a goes on the slide.

We always have a lovely time at the farm, but now Leo is that bit bigger and he is mobile we can do even more with him. Watching him run everywhere he went (usually away from us) it really did show just how big our baby now was.

Last year when we first visited he was 9 months old, a mere baby in my arms (a crawling baby!) and now he just goes where he wants when he pleases.

I am certainly looking forward to visiting again, because each time it is that little bit more rewarding and as there is so much for us all to do and explore, I think it will continue to be a regular spring haunt.

How did you make the most of the sunny weather? 

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