Wednesday 10 April 2013

Bath Time

Ever since Leo could stand up he has refused to sit in the bath.

With every bath Leo stands and refuses to take a seat. 

Why he does this I just don’t know.

Looking back I can’t remember the exact time he began to stand instead of sitting, but it must have been around the time he began to walk. 

July 2012.

I cannot pin point any momentous moment that could have scared him around this time. But he has fallen over in the past while sitting in the tub, when he has though I have always picked him back up incredibly quickly. 

He has taken tumbles while standing too, it has been inevitable, but he seems happy as he stands there splishing and splashing away.

But then on Monday night he suddenly sat down. He made such a splash that he stood back up and did it again! 

Leo then spent the rest of bath time standing up and sitting back down into all the bubbles.

It wasn't just a fluke either, as with each bath he has taken since he has sat down and enjoyed bath time ten fold.

What ever it was that stopped him sitting down in the bath... Well it seems to be a thing of the past! Now maybe we can work on laying him down in the bath for the hair wash that he always dreads.

Do your little ones refuse to sit in the tub and have to stand for the duration of bath time?

Or was my little man an exception to the rule?


  1. My little monkeys both love their bath time although Dylan hates hair washing still! Archie is at his most relaxed in the tub and hoping that he stays that way! Glad Leo is being co-operative now x x

    1. Bath time is lots of fun and it is always exciting when the littlies enjoy it too :)

  2. Charley loves sitting in the bath he can stay in there for ever and would prob stay most of the day if he got to decide himself :)

    All lil once are different and thats the charm of it you can really see their different personaletys coming out as they get older :)


    1. Glad Charley enjoys a good soak :) Leo is loving sitting and splashing these days! x


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