Friday 5 April 2013

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Area

It may still feel a little on the chilly side at the moment,but spring is on its way. In some parts of the country, it’s slowly getting warmer andsunnier, while summer is only a few months away. As soon as the last few bitsof snow and ice lying on the ground have melted away, you might want to stepoutside again.

You’ll be relieved to not have to wear those winter coats,scarves and gloves whenever you go out; but there’s a chance that you might notbe ready for the warmer weather just yet. To find out whether or not you’reready for the warmer, sunnier weather, all you need to do is take a look atyour garden.

Stepping out withoutleaving home
Many of us dream of having the perfect garden, but wonderwhether it’s worth spending hour after hour, day after day on making it better.Gardening in particular might seem backbreaking and time-consuming, but itdoesn’t have to be that way.

A few additions here and there, a freshly-mowed lawn andsome brightly-coloured plants can help to transform your garden’s appearance.To make it happen you need to know what to do, a little bit of time and a goodidea of what your perfect outdoor living space would look like.

Summer space
The first thing you should do is consider what plants tohave. If the ones currently in your garden are wilting or have died completely,you should get rid of them. Plant some new seeds and wait for them to floweror, alternatively, buy ones that have already grown, but buy in season toensure they don’t die too early.

Next on the list should be paving and furniture. The formeris good for a patio and providing clear walkways, while the latter makes agarden look more inviting. Garden sofas like these,for example, are great if you spend a lot of time enjoying your garden.

A veneer of class
Aside from the garden, you might want to make a fewadditions to your home as well to complement your new-look garden. Have you everbeen entertaining friends or enjoying a barbecue and it rains? Well there is asolution. I find canopies a little temperamental, but if you are looking for something morepermanent that attaches to the wall awnings are one such thing you couldadd to the patio to keep you covered so you can enjoy yourself come rain orshine.

Barbecues are great for social events like parties, and abarbecue grill will make it possible. You could build a permanent one or buysomething portable you can bring inside during winter.

As a finishing touch, the addition of a water feature will get everyonetalking. It doesn’t have to be a massive fountain: just a small one will helpto make your garden look a little more complete.

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