Tuesday 23 April 2013

Our Little Family is Growing by Four Paws!

I have grown up around animals, we have always had pet cat’s for as long as I can remember, and over the years there has even been a rabbit and a pet hamster or two.
It was always nice having animals in the house and I have been left with fond memories of the animals that have come and gone.

My parent’s are now at an age where they don’t want to be taking any new pet’s in, and after the last cat follows the cat nip trail to the skies that will be their pet days done and dusted. They still have my younger brother and sister at home but I guess with retirement creeping up on them they don’t want to be tied down with animals when they could be off enjoying sunnier shores.

Now Luke and I are set up in our own home, I have been longing to add a furry addition to our little family for some time. When we moved in we were both fully aware that the land lord operates a ‘no pet policy’ so we didn’t even broach the subject with the agency. As time has gone by though and we are now at the point of renewing our contract, I thought now would be the perfect time to ask the agency just how flexible the land lord may be on this policy.

So I called them up and told them that we would be renewing our contract and staying put for the foreseeable future. Then… I casually broached the pet subject and asked whether the land lord may consider a litter trained kitten into his humble abode. I threw in reference to a scratching post here and there and even mentioned there lovely new carpets so that they were aware that I had considered all of these elements when wanting to bring a furry little kitty cat into our home.

The lady on the phone said that she could indeed ask him but did say that these land lords are usually pretty set in there ways, and if they say ‘no pets’ they do usually mean…No pets.

Days past and nothing was heard. I was pretty sure my request would be denied but I still held a torch for the fact that no news was good news. Then just the other day the agency called and told me that the landlord had a few conditions but he was happy for us to bring a kitten into our home.

I am so excited for Leo to have his very own family pet, a kitten that he is going to get to grow up with, play with and love. Leo is so good when it comes to both Granny’s cat, and Nanny’s kitten that I think this experience is going to be really special for him.

We have decided on a Bengal kitten because of their mischievous ways and beautiful markings, and we have been on the hunt for our little Tigger. I have scoured the internet for local breeders who may have the latest addition to our family.

 Over the weekend we found our little Tigger.

He is currently 6 weeks old and will be able to come home to us on the 4th June 2013 – In exactly 1 month, 1 week and 5 days… Not that I am at all excited by this and counting down the minutes…

We took Leo along with us to meet little Tigger, and of course his brother and 2 sisters. It was lovely seeing them all together and playing, part of me was thinking we should have the two kittens! However…One of the conditions was that just one cat could come and live with us.

We got to see all of the Bengal cats that they currently had in the cattery, Tigger’s parents and even Aunts and Uncles! It was really interesting to see the potential size that Tigger could grow to, but seeing him now at just 6 weeks old it is hard to imagine him any bigger.

Now after finding our little leopard cat, I am very excited for our latest adventure and I think this is going to be a fabulous opportunity for Leo.

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