Thursday 18 April 2013

You are in safe hands with Easywalker

I happen to be a big fan of the Easywalker brand, throughout my entire experience with them I have had nothing but perfect customer service. Any questions that I have had they have been very quick to answer, and even offered to Skype with me so that I could explain and demonstrate any issues face to face.

When the June was released last year it didn’t have a transport lock, but a few weeks after the June’s arrival one turned up in the post. I have constantly felt that there is always someone there to talk to if I need them, and always more than happy to help.

 We have just taken in the Easywalker Duo for my Mum who is going to be having Leo and his little cousin in the next couple of months. There is a 16 month age gap between them both and Granny is going to need a double pushchair to get them both around, and to keep the older one running away! (Leo….of course)

With the arrival of the Duo I set about setting it up, I got the 2 back wheels on and the front wheel with no problem at all, it is here I encountered my problem. One of the front buttons that you need to open in order to pop on the wheel was stuck up inside it’s self. I tried, Granny tried and even Luke gave it a go, but this button did not want to come back out.

So I explained the situation surrounding our lovely new Duo and I received the same high standard of customer service from Easywalker. They were super. They took down the details of the problem and I sent over some images and a video showing exactly what was wrong.

Easywalker are in the process of resolving the issue and I really cannot fault them. They take all the details into account and jump straight into action, you can see that they really want you to enjoy their products.

If you buy into the Easywalker brand then you really are going to be well looked after, I think this is really important when you are buying such an important item for your baby/babies.

Easywalker very quickly resolved the situation by sending a new Duo at lightning speed, so Granny is now on the road with her beautiful new Duo, and I don’t think much will stand in her way! Not with those big chunky wheels that are suited to all types of different terrain!

All I can tell you about the Duo at this moment in time that it is a very good looking pushchair, when it is collapsed it is rather heavy but once it is up right it Is really easy to push and I am looking forward to having a play with it!

I will be sharing our Duo adventures with you and a full review very soon, but for now I will leave you with my love for Easywalker.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post. All views and opinions expressed are my own personal experiences with Easywalker and I just wanted to share how super I think they are!

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