Monday 1 April 2013

The Easter Weekend

Last Easter Leo was a mere 9 months old. 

Far too young for chocolate, and to have any real idea what was going on. 

To him it was simply a normal day.

This Easter Leo is a big 21 months old. 

Apparently he is not too young for chocolate, but to be honest he hasn't been to interested in eating any. 

Fruit on the other hand.... He has been eating lot's of! The nappies confirm this!

Leo was given a Smarties Easter Egg, but instead of eating it he has had hours of fun simply tipping the Smarties out of the tube and into a plastic bowl. Then of course he decided that he had to put them all back into the tube again. 

One by one.

If I had known exactly how much fun was to be had with a simple packet of Smarties I would have purchased a packet, provided him with a bowl and sat down with a cup of tea a very long time ago!

It is safe to say though that if you do decide to let your little ones spend an hour or so with a packet of Smarties, at the end of play time these Smarties really won't be looking their best. They were sticky and were fit for no other purpose other than going in the bin.  

Leo really didn't seem at all bothered about eating any chocolate, so I have to admit that I have secretly enjoyed a Cadbury's Easter Chick and other goodies that have been given to Leo.

It has been a very quiet weekend due to the exceptionally cold weather. Any plans of visiting farms or zoo's have been thwarted out of sheer lack of motivation for wrapping up warm in the midst of Spring.

We did however have a brain wave this morning, and decided that we would take little man to visit the Butterfly Farm. He has been on 2 prior occasions and each time he has enjoyed it that little bit more.

This time he walked all the way around. He took in everything in shear wonder and couldn't decide where he should look next. 

There was running, lots of running. 

He stood on the bridge over the ponds quacking as surely there cannot be any water without ducks. 

That would just be ludicrous. 

Of course after chasing Leo around the Butterfly Farm we were all pretty hungry, so we hopped in the car and ended up at Pizza Hut where we all tucked into a well deserved lunch.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and that the Easter Bunny was very generous!

Unfortunately it is back to the world of work tomorrow and I am far from enthusiastic!

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