Friday 26 April 2013

The Realisation

The realisation that 2 whole years has almost past by.
That this little person has come so far and learnt so much,
 and you have played the biggest part in this.

The realisation that second birthday preparations are already being planned in your mind, for that special boys big day.

The realisation that your little man is no longer that little.
He may need you in certain ways but he really is an independent little being.

The realisation that he can pick himself back up when he takes a tumble,
but still needs you to help him and kiss his 'awch' better again.

The realisation that he can stand on his own two feet and can climb to the next floor of soft play all on his own. He can do it that quick and that fast that he can be gone before you have even taken off your shoes to join him.

The realisation that he is learning new words and begining to talk. It wont be long before we can have the most amazing conversations.

The realisation that I have my best friend in this little person that I helped create.

The realisation that I have faced some hard times with this little man, but also have the most amazing adventures.

The realisation that those hard times seem to be a distant memory, but the laughs stay on the front line of my mind bringing a smile to my face whenever I remember.

The realisation that things are never going to just slow down. All we have is the here and now, past memories and future tomorrows. 

The realisation that we need to make the most of each and everyday, starting a new day with a new adventure.

The realisation that this little man always has and always will be the reason I get out of bed every single day.


  1. As a Mum to a 2 year old you sum it up perfectly xx

  2. Life will never slow down - so true! Love the last photo x

    1. It will never ever slow down. It goes so quickly! x

  3. This is a lovely post Laura, and so true, all of it. xx

  4. Such a beautiful post Laura and Leo looks so grown up/independent in that last photo. xx

    1. Thanks my lovely, he is so grown up these days. I don't know where my baby has gone! xx


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