Wednesday 3 April 2013

The My Pal Scout Review

I have to admit that it is not very often that Leo looks at a toy with complete amazement.

It takes a really special toy to get big cuddles and wide eyes off Leo.

But when Scout came to visit, that is exactly what happened.

Scout is an interactive toy by LeapFrog, he can be personalised with your little one’s likes and can even say their name! Our Scout loves to eat cheese and say ‘Leo’, and I am pretty sure that is why he is such a big hit with little man.

Scout is a lovely size, bright green and full of life. It is not hard to work out why he has been so popular with my little man. There is so much going on, music, lights and so much for Leo to interact with.

I couldn’t even get Scout out of the box before Leo ran away with him, blue murder ensued after I tracked Leo and Scout down to remove him from the packaging. I wondered how I would distract Leo long enough to get Scout hooked up to the PC to get him personalised just for Leo.

Somehow I distracted bribed Leo and got Scout long enough so that I could hook him up to the laptop and use the very handy Leapfrog tool to make Scout like everything that Leo liked, from favourite colours (granted I had to make this up as Leo doesn’t have one yet….Or that he can tell me anyway!) to food and songs.

The set up process takes no time at all and it is so easy to hook Scout up to the computer. There are step by step instructions on screen so you really don’t have to be a computer whizz kid to get Scout up and running.

Once you have personalised Scout you can change the songs and likes as often as you require.

There is so much detail that you can pour into Scout, lots of musical choices that Scout will sing to you. He even makes up a personal song for your child. Leo’s goes a little something like this!

Clap, Clap *L*E*O* Clap, Clap 

I have to admit I myself was looking at Scout with big wide eyes, and when Luke got home from work Leo was showing off Scout to him. Luke looked like he was about to fall over when Scout started off saying ‘Hi Leo!’

Luke looked at me like the toy was possessed and asked me ‘How did he do that!’ part of me didn’t want to ruin the magic for him…But I decided I should tell him just to keep him sane!

Each of Scout’s paws has a different feature, Scout knows lullabies for soothing bedtime music, he knows playful sing along songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (one of Leo’s all-time favourites), He shares Leo’s favourite animal in a Dog and he is just full of unexpected surprises.

The day that Scout arrived Leo was blown away, the way he was looking at Scout when he said ‘Leo’ was just amazing. Each time Scout said ‘Leo’, Leo pulled him in for a cuddle and a big smile spread across his face.

Granny and I stood at a distance and just watched Leo playing with his new friend. It was so endearing to watch, and that was little man entertained for the whole afternoon.

Scout has continued to be a big hit with Leo and often gets brought up for cuddles.

As a parent I have to say that I am really impressed with how much content goes into Scout, there is so much for Leo to enjoy and learn from with Scout. What really makes this toy fantastic is the personalisation, and that in it’s self for me makes Scout more than worth his £19.99 price tag.

I can quite honestly give Scout a really big thumbs up from both Leo and I. My worry was that Scout may be a little to young for Leo now, but that thought was completely un-founded. If anything Leo loves Scout even more because he is older.

I would say Scout is perfect for a baby of 6 months right up to 3 / 4 years old.

I cannot think of a negative point to share with you and just want to say a big well done to LeapFrog for such a fun interactive toy.

At the time of writing this review you can pick up Scout from Amazon at the bargain price of £14.99!

Disclaimer: I was sent Scout for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. We quite honestly love Scout and highly recommend him!


  1. Thankyou so much for this review :) i have been looking at buying one of these but as always, you're never sure whether they're worth what you pay - but i will definitely be picking one up now!

    1. So glad it helped! We love Scout and he is such a big hit with Leo. Hope you are enjoying yours x

  2. I really like violet and Scout


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