Friday 19 April 2013

The Potty Olympics

Sometimes when that light bulb suddenly lights up the darkest corners of your mind, everyone else seems to be suddenly talking about your latest realisation.

Like when you are choosing a new car, out of nowhere there a hundreds of that exact car on the roads, driving past you almost deliberately.

I told you all a few weeks ago about my plans to introduce Leo to a potty, and then that very night an email from Bounty lands in my email box telling me all about my 21 month old toddlers development.

Staring out at me were the words ‘No more nappies’. I knew instantly that I was going to be reading some potty training advice, and I have to say that it was very much welcome.

What really stood out to me were the signs to watch out for before you take the plunge into the unknown. 

What are the signs?

- Your little monster will start to realise when they are actually going to the toilet. He may even be able to control it as much to actually leave a puddle on your floor! Deliberately!

- Your little monster may start to find a wet nappy uncomfortable.

Your little monster will start to go longer between pee’s. This demonstrates that his bladder is becoming stronger and he is starting to gain some control over what he is doing and when.

Out of these 3 signs I can pin point Leo on two of them. He knows when he is going, he knows exactly what you mean when you ask him if he needs a wee, and this usually will be the start of Leo looking down, smiling and you know you have to get the new nappy on pronto before he sprinkles everywhere!

Leo’s nappy can be dry for a few hours, his bladder is certainly getting stronger and his awareness is governing when he actually needs to do.

This is exactly why I think introducing a potty could be really beneficial. Even if he just gets used to sitting on it to start with and I give him more nappy free time, it’s a start. Everything we do and when will all be governed by Leo.

He is the boss in this scenario and I am following suit.

I am stepping onto this potty training rollercoaster blind. Although I am following my instincts I know that it may turn out to be full of twists and turns, ups and downs and loop-de-loops. But I am confident that Leo is showing the tell-tale signs that he is getting ready to start training for the potty Olympics.

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