Monday 22 April 2013

Leo's Lump

Today we went back to the doctors.

Not for the first time, nor the second...But the third.

Last Friday I found a lump on Leo's groin, a completely un-explained lump that seemingly just appeard and scared the living day lights out of me. Suffice to say that I got him straight into the out of hours and followed their advice.

The out of hours prompted me to bring him back first thing the next day to our regular surgery. The locum GP told me to come back next Monday to see the pediatrician. 

That is exactly what I did.

Over the week I have noticed the lumps get smaller, the smallest of the two vanished all together. Last night I sat here umming and arhing as to whether or not I should keep today's appointment. I couldn't help thinking that by taking him in I would have been wasting their time. 

At one point I had completely planned to cancel the appointment and go into work, but then the what if's entered my mind and I decided that the worst they could do was insinuate that I was over reacting.

Leo and I arrived at the surgery for the second week in a row, and took a seat waiting for Leo's name to be called out. Leo spyed the vibrant red fire alarm and kept pointing it out in the hope that I may let him have a closer look...Not on my watch!

Leo's name was called out and we went off to the appointment where I explained everything for the third time. I told her how the swelling was not as bad as it was and it was obviously showing signs of reducing but just to be on the safe side I wanted to see what she thought anyway. It was around about now that I apolagised for potentially wasting her time, but she quickly re-assured me and told me that these things do need to be investigated.

Leo was once again as good as gold, he lay there baring all while the doctor did the examination. Hernia was ruled out for the third time and the gland seemed to be the culprit. Despite the lump going down she said it was still much larger than it should be, but the second lump was no longer a problem,

Leo chuckled throughout the exam as the pediatrician was much more child friendly than both doctors prior to this visit. It was actually reassuring to have our regular doctor on this occasion.

It looks as though Leo's lump really isn't anything to worry about, and it is just a case of swollen lymph glands. We have to go back again in two weeks just to make sure everything has returned to normal, but my little man is going to be absolutely fine. It hasn't affected him in the slightest and all of the googling I did in my search for a diagnosis was not worth the scare factor it provided.

Thank you everyone for thinking of Leo and asking about him, I really appreciate it.

Laura and Leo

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