Sunday 14 April 2013

Suspected Swollen Lymph Gland

On Friday while I was changing Leo's nappy I ran the baby wipe over something I had not noticed before. 

What would usually be a smooth wipe was encountered by an alien a bump in the road.

Investigating further I realised that Leo had a lump on the left hand side of his groin just *above his manhood*.

I ran my fingers over it and checked his other side only to find that it was normal. Going back for a closer look I noticed that this lump was actually rather big and when you lay Leo's leg flat you can actually see it protruding slightly. 

I would say that the lump is about the size of a large marble. 

I made a mental note to tell Luke when he got home, but with the general running around of an evening it completely slipped my mind. It was only last night when Leo was in the bath when I suddenly realised my error *Mummy fail* and called Luke in to have a look.

Luke agreed that it was a rather big lump and after consulting with the lovely ladies on Facebook last night I decided I should get him into the out of hours doctor surgery to be checked over.

On the drive into our local out of hours service I couldn't help but feel like a parent who was over reacting, but lumps are scary things, they can be anything. And sometimes I think the not knowing is the scariest thing in the world.

I wasn't even sure that they would see us, but I felt that taking Leo to get this sorted was my responsibility and was something that needed doing sooner rather than later. Being Sunday if I had not gone in with him today I probably wouldn't have been able to get him in myself until Friday, and I wanted to personally be there to take him to the appointment.

The doctor beckoned us into his office and I explained the issue as I was undressing Leo. He had a good feel of the swollen lump and checked out all of Leo's anatomy just to rule out any other problems. 

After a few minutes he said that there was indeed a sizeable lump and that I was right to bring him along to get checked out. He said that he could rule out a hernia and he was pretty sure it was a Lymph Gland that had swollen up. 

However he did say that because the lump was so big that I should get him straight into our own doctors surgery tomorrow, where they may want to refer Leo to hospital for a scan, just to see what is going on. 

Now the lump is not bothering him at all, he has been poked and prodded by both me and the doctor today, but he is still his happy self. But now I guess it is just a case of waiting to see what tomorrow brings.

And I think I will need to be on top form to make sure I don't go getting fobbed off by the doctor!


  1. It's always worrying when there is something wrong and you don't know what to do or how to help. I hope you get on okay at the doctors. x

  2. Hope he is ok! let us know what the doctor said x

    1. He's absolutely fine, amazing what a lump can make your mind think x


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