Tuesday 23 April 2013

Keeping up with the clothing demand

Before I became a Mummy, I had so many questions and I wasn't really sure where to direct them. I turned to other parents and craved their personal experiences in the hope that in turn they could answer my questions. 

The funny thing is that since becoming a Mummy, I have had many of those questions reciprocated back to me in a roundabout kind of way. 

As parents with children who are constantly growing, growing at speeds that can only be described as lighting speed, it is really important to find bargains on kid's clothing, after all they are only going to be in it for all of 5 minutes anyway, so we do want to find the best deals we can.

In light of this I have decided to share some of my personal tips:

-  Charity shops - Sometimes you can find a real bargain that is as good as new, so it can really be worth hunting through these treasure troves on the off chance that you will strike gold! They’re usually present on every high street, however, if you’ve yet to spot one you could always try this nifty little resource here and enter your posts code to find a charity shop near you.

Shop in the sales! A great tip I was given was to buy everything you need for your little one a year in advance in the sales. I had everything I needed for Leo for the first 2 years simply by buying it all in advance. It is only now that I am having to start buying Leo clothes for his new wardrobe.

-  Use voucher codes - Head to the baby section on netvouchercodes for instance and see what they have on offer. The site is really easy to navigate as being straightforward, as they don’t group expired discount with active ones – which is a great timesaver. Additionally, by shopping by category rather than brand, you can choose a retailer based on “best discount”, so you might even discover some new retailers that you were not aware of previously. They’ve currently got some lovely discounts available from the leading baby brands such as Mothercare, Boots and the Early Learning Centre – so peruse away ladies. 

eBay is also another great treasure trove and they’ve got a great selection of both new and used baby clothes, so you can often find exactly what you are after at a fraction of the price that it would be on the high street. 

Baby events held by the leading super markets can be a great means to stocking up on everything you will need for your baby, from baby wipes to clothes. 

These are just a few of the ways that I have managed to keep Leo's wardrobe full to bursting throughout the last 21 months, and it is how I will continue to keep my always growing little man dressed for each and every occasion.

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