Monday 29 April 2013

Chad Valley Bouncy Castle Review

I have been holding out for warmer weather since the end of last summer!

I love being able to get out and about, and being able to enjoy a good old barbeque in the garden, with a glass of wine or two.

I may have been slightly more excited about getting outside recently as Leo has been sent the most exciting item to review. My very lucky little man has been sent the Chad Valley Bouncy Castle to bounce on until his hearts content, but with the lack of favourable weather we initially took to playing with it in the dining room.

This bouncy castle is a great size, perfect for one or two little people to play with. It has sturdy walls and a complete safety net all the way around so that those bouncing are completely safe.

Now if you could have seen Leo’s little face the very first time he saw this bright, bouncy inflatable, you would have seen just how in awe he was, how eager he was to get on and practice his jumping!

The bouncy castle couldn’t have arrived at a better time, Leo is practicing his jumping at every available moment. Jumping off furniture, jumping on the bed and even jumping directly off the floor. We had been considering investing in a small trampoline for him but in the end decided that bouncy castles are great for toddlers!

We only have a small garden so it is easier to have something that we can inflate as and when we need it and then also store it away nice and compactly. When the bouncy castle is not in use you can actually fold it up and put it in the very handy travel bag. I was very impressed that I even managed to fold it back up myself and fit it back inside the carrier. The only thing that doesn’t fit inside the bag is the air fan, but I have found I can store the entire contents of the castle in the cupboard under the stairs.

I have been really impressed with the entire quality of the bouncy castle, it has strong laminated polyester and PVC material coupled with strong stitching which means you can really feel the quality. It is so much more than I was expecting it to be after seeing other bouncy castles in the past, if looked after properly this is sure to last a long while. 

It couldn't be easier to get set up and ready to play with, folding out the castle on the floor and attaching the fan, making sure the other vent is closed but still open enough to let the air flow out. And viola.... 

A bouncy castle ready to bounce and roll!

I love that Leo is completely enclosed as he jumps so there is no way he can really jump/fall off, and it is lovely to watch him having such a fantastic time. 

Now we have been able to get it out in the garden and it has been initiated properly, I am very much looking forward to getting Leo's little friends over to have a play on it too. 

The Chad Valley Bouncy Castle is currently on special offer at Argos at the amazing price of £99.99 down from £199.99! In my personal opinion it is worth every single penny. 

Disclaimer: I was sent the Chad Valley Bouncy Castle for the purpose of this review. However all views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.


  1. Replies
    1. He adores it! So lovely to watch him enjoying himself x

  2. That looks and sounds like such greeat fun for little tots :D Lovely review. x

  3. Hehe this looks lots of fun! Would take up my whole garden though! x

    1. We only have a small garden too, the good thing is you can take it down and put it away! Unlike a trampoline! x

  4. Bouncy castles are that best way to keep the children busy. If you are going to organize any event then you can go for a good Bouncy castle hire company.

    1. Exactly! I think we will be having this out for little man's birthday in June! The kid's will love it x

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  6. Wow, amazing very good castle. and very cute kid.

  7. Can the pipe that the air goes into be put in a different position say "to the back"? Xx k

  8. Can the pipe that the air goes into be put in a different position say "to the back"?

  9. Can the pipe that the air goes into be put in a different position say "to the back"? Xx k


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