Wednesday 18 December 2013

An Inspirational Women in Sport

When we think of sport as a general rule, we automatically assume that these people will be at the peak of their fitness and of course have the use of both of their arms and legs. But sometimes this isn't the case. People from all walks of life play sport, and today I am going to be talking about one truly inspirational lady. 

Martine Wright is a sitting volleyball player and took part in the Paralympic's back in 2012. You see Martine is an incredible lady, in 2005 she was one of many victims to London's bombings. Sometimes it is just about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, life can change in the blink of an eye and sometimes we can do nothing but roll with the punches. Martine did roll with the punches, she survived and fought against Shezad Tanweer, one of the four suicide bombers behind the attacks. 

The day prior to the blast Martine had been celebrating the announcement of London being the 2012 host to the Olympics, she hopped onto the Circle Line the following morning to make her way into work. The last thing Martine remembers before the blast was reading a newspaper all about the London Olympics.Then the blast engulfed the carriage that Martine occupied and left her for dead among the wreckage. It caused her to lose both of her legs above the knee, and many operations ensued in the aftermath. Martine was determined and once her condition was stable enough, she began to learn to walk again on prosthetic limbs. 

In the wake of everything that happened Martine was determined not to let this defeat her, she took on a new sport and even ended up being picked for the Paralympic team for 2012's London Olympics. She married her boyfriend and had a baby boy. Martine even earned her pilots license after winning a Douglas Bader Scholarship for disabled people. 

She has worked hard and pushed forward with her life.

Before Martine settled on playing sitting volleyball she tried out a number of other games, she just wanted something new and refreshing to take part in and enjoy. Sitting volleyball actually developed after the second world war as a sport that injured soldiers could play. Out of all of the Paralympic sport's it is the only one that is played sitting down and does not involve a wheelchair.

Martine joined a London club and a few months later she was asked if she wanted to join the first women's team for the 2012 London Paralympic's. Of course she agreed and the rest as they say.... is history.

The 2012 Olympics gripped the world by storm, and I think it is amazing that so many of our very own have fought so hard and are truly an inspiration to us all. Sport and games is always a receptive way for supporters and well wishers to cheer their own on, and I think that we as a nation are still incredibly proud of our 2012 accomplishments.

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