Monday 23 December 2013

Then & Now

When we first moved into our home a little over a year ago, Luke was adamant that he wanted a brand new sofa for our lounge. I admittedly humoured him for a little while and let him have a look around. Then before he got to in love with the idea I told him that there was no way that we were forking out for a beautiful new suite when my toddler was bound to put his mark on them instantly.

There was part of me who loved the idea of splurging but at this time I knew I would be so disheartened when Leo did spill something on them, I also knew that at this time we had so much for pay for… this being our very first family home we really did need to kit the entire house out. From the basic kitchen appliances to wardrobes…so I thought realistically and educated Luke in my reasoning for being the bearer of bad news when it came to a brand new suite.

In the end he did come around to my way of thinking, and Leo definitely proved me right in the long run. Now however we are getting to a stage where Leo is growing up, and although he still avidly jumps on our sofa suite…or in some cases climbs onto the arm of the chair and then catapults himself onto the sofa as if he is a world class stunt man.  I know that we are fast approaching a time where it may even be a possibility to start looking at some new sofas at some point in the not so distant future.
What I have always wanted is a corner sofa, I find them really inviting to curl up on. Unfortunately our lounge is an odd shape and we couldn't realistically have one without blocking off entrances to the room on either side. One day though, when we move to a bigger house and have more room to play around with, I will be treating myself to a lovely big corner sofa that I can spread myself out on once Leo has gone to bed.

We are not planning on moving anytime soon but when the time does come, I know that Leo will be that bit older and ready to accept his big boy role that incorporates no snacking, no jumping and no juice on the sofa.

I am sure we will get there eventually, but until then I am rather fond of my second hand suite, that is still in remarkable condition… even after a year of Leo exposure.   

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