Wednesday 18 December 2013

Do You Ever Wonder?

I swear as the years have gone on I have slowly become a worse driver. If you had seen me when I first passed my driving test you may have been left scratching your head trying to contemplate how on earth I passed in the first place. 

Mere months after passing my test I managed to get into a little bump… right outside my place of work. The ground could not swallow me up faster if it had tried. And then… Yes there is a ‘and then’… A few weeks later I was steadily driving along in my already pretty battered looking car then I hit a fox who sprung out of nowhere. Going at 60mph it certainly gave the fox a little surprise and in turn finished off my very first car… 

That first car was on the road a mere 12 weeks, and after that time frame she was left begging to go to the scrap yard. Over the years I have been best pals with the AA… How could I not be when I ignore signs that say ‘Ford – Danger… Deep Water’ and blindly follow the sat nav down the narrow road that they advise cars don’t frequent!?

It was only recently that I managed to mount a rather high curb in a car park, only to then realise that there was a rather large crowd of people simply watching my abysmal driving ability. I had definitely made a meal out of what should have been a simple bit of reversing…But then that is what I tend to do.

It had only been a few days prior to this that I made a parallel parking manoeuvre look like a ‘how to park your car in 50 easy steps’ demonstration… So yes driving is certainly not my strong point.

I am one of those people who seem to drive their car’s around oblivious that there is a problem…Only to really notice it when the exhaust falls off or the battery has gone flat. I really should make it my New Years Resolution this year to treat my little car better, she serves me well. And if you can believe it… We have been together now for 3 whole years and she is still here to tell the tale.

Now I am going to need all the luck in the world on my side… This month it is time for the annual MOT vote of health… And I am feeling much less than optimistic.

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