Thursday 5 December 2013

Holiday ideas for 2014

Here we are in the depths of the cold Winter months with Christmas just around the corner. The summer may feel like a bit of a leap away, but in reality it wont be long before we are dusting off our BBQ's and willing the warmer weather to make an appearance.

In fact you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as Christmas is over we will begin to see Summer holiday deals on the Boxing Day adverts, that's enough to get us all thinking about warmer climates and family getaways.

I really don't know what are plans will be for the coming year, whether we will have the finances to go abroad or whether we will be considering UK holiday parks as an option. At this moment in time I just don't really know.

To be honest though it would just be nice to get away as a family, on our own. So far in our family of three adventure there really hasn't been any options to just holiday in our small family unit. Everything that we have done has been with our extended families, and as nice as that is it would be exceptionally nice to just whisk away on our own.

We visited Cyprus this year and it was so great to see Leo enjoying every single moment. From being able to swim in the private pool with his family, to experiencing the beach again. But then they are both things that we could do with him here in the UK, without the need for a long flight with a toddler who would much prefer a bus ride (his words!).

Last Summer we were actually blessed with some beautiful weather, and it gives us Brits the perfect excuse to explore everything that is often right under our noses but often goes completely un-noticed. I know that I am as guilty of this as the next person, and it was made completely apparent to me one day when I was working as a receptionist at a hotel in the Cotswolds. As a local girl working in a tourist honey spot, people assumed I would have done everything on the attraction list. But in reality I had visited very few...

Right now we are in a state of un-decided as to how we will be holidaying in 2014, but I know it is something that we will want to do. Whether we jet off to clear blue skies or take our chances here in the UK, I know that we will enjoy a family holiday. A family holiday where it is just the 3 of us.

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