Saturday 14 December 2013

Subtle Changes

It’s amazing how quickly things come to pass.
How subtle changes can happen overnight,
and before you know it they are simply accepted as the norm.
The way things have always been…

I know this not to be the case.
I notice these changes, and I want to remember them.
Because life just fly’s by far too quickly these days.

Once upon a time you would only ever sign for your milk.
Never ever would you actually say ‘milk’, to this day you still don’t
If you wanted more milk in the night you would simply shout ‘Mumma, More!’
Until one night you exclaimed ‘Mumma bottle!’ or even ‘Mumma! Bot Bot!’.
It was one more subtle change that clarified how you were learning all the time.
The term ‘Bot bot’ had come from your Uncle talking to your baby cousin, and you had remembered it and submitted it to your own vocabulary.

The little boy who used to run when I said it was bath time now happily climbed the stairs for his ‘bubble bath’, and even lay down as though you were trying to swim as you splashed around so contently.
In fact these days you didn’t want to get out of the bath at all… and each bath time was a mission to splash Mumma as much as you possibly could.

Now whenever I dropped you off at Granny’s house you insist on telling me to take my coat ‘off’. Your way of thinking seemed to be that if Mumma didn’t have her coat on… Then I wouldn’t be able to go to work.

The way all of a sudden you are the most affectionate little guy in the whole wide world. Throwing your arms around me and giving me the most squishiest of cuddles. The way you kiss me completely out of the blue and worry if you accidently hurt me. You give nose snuggles and high fives and even love to clink your juice cup with Mumma’s to say ‘Cheers’.

All changes that have come to pass.
Each a small detail in the grand scheme of things,
But a change and lesson that has been imprinted upon you,
As you learn about this big wide world we live in.
Changes that are shaping you into the most amazing little guy,
Subtle changes that sometimes get lost among all of the bigger things that life throws at us.

But I am here and I’m watching you.
I’m listening to you.

And they won’t go un-noticed.


  1. I love noting the little things as together they make the big things. It is scary to be able to literally see them growing up though!

    1. I completely agree. Growing up before my eyes it would seem x


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