Sunday 1 December 2013

Tricky to buy for?

You will always find there are people on your 'to buy for list' that seem impossible to buy gifts for. Often I find that when I set myself a budget I cannot find anything within that price bracket to fit the bill. As the years have gone by, I have found my ideas for Luke's Christmas gifts have dwindled and he is now one of those who has been marked with a 'tricky' next to his name on my 'to buy for list'.

I am sure the reasoning behind this is because I do now have to have some kind of budget in place to ensure I don't splash to much cash. Once upon a time we never really worried about budget...Back in the day before we became parents. Things have to be different now as we have our beautiful boy to clothe and feed. So budgets these days are an essential part of gift buying and instead of upgrading Luke to the new Playstation 4 I will be chasing other avenues this Christmas.

As for my immediate family, the younger brother and sister are relatively easy to please. For the last couple of years the younger brother has been more than happy with money so he can choose something that he would like for himself. The younger sister is into make up and clothes, and seems to like the same kinds of things as I do... So that makes shopping for my mini me an enjoyable task.

I know that my parents are big Miranda Hart fans, and now following her hit TV Series on BBC One she is launching into stand up comedy. Maybe some Miranda Hart Tickets would be the perfect gift under the Christmas tree this year?

Leo has been pretty easy to shop for, but it has meant going through all of his current toys and making room for the new arrivals. It has taken some time but his toy box can now be firmly closed and there are no toys fighting their way back out again. Toys he has outgrown have gone on to new homes and we are now ready to face the arrival of Santa's Sleigh...

We will always have those people on our list that we struggle to buy for, but I think as long as we make the effort and consider what they may appreciate, we can't really go wrong right? 

If in doubt, you could always have a look into a hamper of some sort. This is an option I will be pursuing this year for friends and family.

Now we are into December... I best get a move on!

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