Tuesday 17 December 2013

It is the season

Since the 1st of December we have welcomed Christmas into our home, we have embraced the season with open arms and happily taken part in this magical time.

We have dutifully helped you open your advent calendar each and every day, and you have munched your way through 16 chocolate coins so far. You wake up and tell me ‘chocolate draw’ until we head over to the Advent House and see what treats today has in store for us.

Your excitement about this season has been so wonderful, heading out in the car after the sun has set and the moon has risen is always a treat. You see Christmas as we scootle along in the car, and get so excited by the lights that everybody have placed to celebrate Christmas 2013. The big old Christmas tree at the end of the road and the big old house just around the corner who always have their lights up year in and year out.

Your little face when you finally tried your very first hot chocolate.
You mmmm'd and arhhh'd in all of the right places. 
You pulled the mug out of my hands,
You demanded more.

So I decided to share my hot chocolate with my little guy on a cold December's Winter's day, and now you have discovered this simple pleasure you can rest assured that we will be sharing many more this Christmas.

I don’t expect you will eat your Christmas dinner this year, but I know you will happily un-wrap presents, pull crackers and don party hats!

You will go to sleep as always on Christmas Eve not realising that when you wake up on Christmas morning, Santa will have paid us all a visit in the night. You will spend the morning opening all of your wonderful gifts and I will be there just watching your face as you realise what is inside each and every parcel. There will be lots of playing and lots of tidying up to do by the end of the day.

I love that each year you are gaining more of an understanding, looking back over your last 2 Christmas’s in photographs show me how grown up you now are. Your very first Christmas saw you as a baby in arms, just shy of 6 months old. Far too little to really know that anything was going on, but you shone so bright with each smile you beamed at us.

Last Christmas you were 18 months old, much bigger and much wiser. Back then you seemed so incredibly grown up, feeding your baby Josh and pushing him around in your new pushchair.. But now I can see that this year is truly the start of the magic. The start of an understanding that is going to get more exciting as each year goes by.

You know that something is going on, and have taken part in so much this year. But you don’t realise that this is simply the build up to one big day of magic and family. But next year.. Next year you will. 


  1. It's such a magical time of the year, and I always think it makes you realise how time is passing, because you can so easily think back to what things were like on previous Christmases. Just look at how Leo has changed over his Christmases so far. Like you, I suspect this year is going to be the first time that my little man really gets the magic of it all, he certainly seems to understand so much of it this time around and is so excited. x

    1. Exactly. I always find myself thinking back to 'this time last year...' and I think that will be an on-going saga! x


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