Friday 13 December 2013

29 Months Old

29 months have whizzed right by and today I stand looking at you, my very almost 2 and a half year old. How this came to be I am still fathoming in my mind. It does only seem like yesterday that we were celebrating your 2nd birthday… But that is now 6 whole months ago already.

That is one of the many lessons that I have learnt since becoming a parent, time has a habit of running away with itself and before you know it you are left scratching your head and wondering where all that time has gone.

29 months on you are becoming wiser and more vocal with each passing day. You know exactly what I am talking about even if you do decide to turn your cheek and pretend you didn’t hear me. But we both know that you did and that you are just being a cheeky little rascal.

I expect nothing less, boy of mine!

I have noticed that this month you are saying and attempting to say a lot more than you once were. You listen to the conversations that I am having with people around you, and then you throw a few choice words out as to what you have just heard. For me this month my favourite thing that you have learnt to say is ‘that’s cool!’. You decided to start saying it while we were out with Granny and you heard me say it towards an item I was looking at in a shop. Then you were there saying it too!

You then even went on to shout ‘Buzz’ and had me instantly trying to find the source of your Buzz interest, only for me to lay eyes on a Toy Story pencil case and exclaim ‘Oh yeah!’. In the next breath (and apparently high pitched tone) you copied my words and the exact tone I had used. You have a habit of taking the mickey out of Mumma, which we both found absolutely hilarious.

While we were visiting at Granny’s recently you over heard Aiya having a typical pre-teen moment. It must have been something to do with her ‘borrowing’ Granny’s laptop again and not returning it, as Granny didn’t look too impressed… and Aiya certainly didn’t sound impressed! *Que pre-teen stamping around* As Aiya stomped off to get the laptop for Granny she muttered ‘ I’ll get your computer Mum!’ So what did you do Leo? Of course you stomped off too in Aiya’s wake and muttered ‘I’ll get your computer Mum’. There was no mistaking it. That is exactly what you said!

This month I watched my fussy little eater stare down at the sweetcorn on his spoon. I watched closely in a way that you couldn't see me watching you, as I could see that you were getting brave enough to try the sweetcorn. You have had it plenty of times before but you pick and choose when you will eat it... The spoon grew closer to your mouth until you actually put it inside and exclaimed 'Mmm!'

Lets hope you continue to try things eh Mr.

At 29 months you loved to use Mumma as your personal climbing frame, not to mention the great trampoline you turn me into… Guess what I put on your Christmas list to Santa this year! Your affectionate and still a completely blue eyed Mumma’s boy, sometimes I am all you really want and no one else will do. I think this sometimes winds Daddy up, but I know there will come a day where you and Daddy will be off doing boy’s things, so right now I am truly revelling in being the very centre of your world.

You seem to be going through a phase where you have to have me completely to yourself. If I so much as glance in another child’s direction you let me know your thoughts about this… Then you will show your dismay further by refusing to come for a cuddle. Of course if I have to give another child a cuddle and your mood is not in it’s usual sparkling state… then that makes the situation a little more stressful on all accounts.. But it is all made ok again by a snuggle.

You are at an age now where you tell your 1 year old cousin the ways of the world. If he does something you know that he shouldn’t be doing, you tell him in a very matter of factly way! You point your finger and raise it towards him and shout ‘NO JOSH’, prompting him to look at you and present his pearly whites in the form of a very cheeky smile.

You still go to bed like a dream and right now are still in your cot, but we are looking into getting you a new big boy bed in the New Year. I think that you are ready and we are so pleased with just how well you sleep that we think you are at the right age to make the transition.

29 months has already come and gone, you have grown and developed in ways that I could only imagine when holding my newborn baby in my arms for that very first time. But with each day that goes by, every week that turns into a month I glow with pride that little bit more.

Bringing you up and watching you turn into such a cleaver and caring little boy (temper tantrums aside…) has really been a dream come true. And even when you are as flat as a pancake on the floor, kicking your arms and legs up and down like you do… or when you decide to make a run for it when I least expect it… You are still the most amazing little boy in the whole wide world.


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