Thursday 12 December 2013

The Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm Review

As a kid I used to spend a lot of time either playing with my play farm, or hassling my parents to buy a real farm and move us all to the countryside… You see then I would have been able to keep a horse, get that dog I have always dreamed of and continue my tom boy ways…

But sadly buying a farm never really ranked on my parent’s agenda… So I grew up and moved on, somewhere along the way I obviously decided that farm life wasn’t really for me. But boy did I love that play farm as a kid…

Leo has been sent his very own Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm, and it actually reminds me a little of the farm I once had as a little girl (this may be part of the reason I like it so much). Another reason I instantly liked this particular model is because it is part of the ever popular Little People range. Leo already has a selection of Little People toys and they are all very much loved and get daily play action, so this addition I knew would be very welcome.

This model is already very popular and I have heard fellow parents raving about how great it is, and upon it’s arrival and getting a hands on inspection I was soon inclined to agree with them. The farm is a really great size and comes complete with farm animals, and of course Eddie the farmer.

In terms of putting the farm together, there is minimal assembly required. It is simply a case of clicking the base of the farm into the body of the farm and making sure it is all in place. The ladder at the back of the farm needs a screw fitting at either end, but that is as labour intensive as it gets.

Inside the box you are supplied with everything you need to get playing, and this includes Farmer Eddie, a Horse, Cow and Sheep. What kind of farm would it be if there wasn’t fencing to keep the animals from straying? So of course Fisher Price have thought of this and included one for the future conscious farmers out there.

I really like to solid structure of this farm as it is built to stand up to toddlers who like to play hard, and play hard… Leo does. The fact it is built to last means that it is a toy that can be kept and passed down to any future children that come along.

Leo is loving his farm, he found the button to make noises in the hay shed instantly.. Of course being Leo he hasn’t just stuck to playing farms, or playing with the animals. Leo has brought cars into the barn and runs them up and down the chute like a ramp, and he has involved all of his tractors while he plays…

There are so many different opportunities to let his imagination run away with him, and he can do whatever he likes happen while he is playing. The rules are entirely his own, and because it is free play, Leo really does get the chance to get creative.

The farm is currently set up at Granny’s house for him to play with while he is at her house, but I will be bringing it back home very soon so I can set it up on his farm table with all of his other tractors. It is going to look super on the table with all of his other bits and pieces, and I know that he will really enjoy that.

There is a dial at the top of the farm that plays a number of different tunes depending on which setting you currently have selected. You can switch between two different settings (night and day) that will give you different animal sounds and tunes.

The farm is perfect for Leo who is now starting to use his imagination in play more, and it is lovely to watch him making the connections and playing with the animals. Poor farmer Eddie has taken more than a few tumbles through the hay chute.. But luckily he is quite resilient and Leo can always breathe the life back into him.

I think the Fisher Price play farm certainly lives up to expectation and in usual Little People style they have presented us with another big toddler hit. It certainly pleased the inner child in me!

With Christmas coming up I think this would make the perfect gift under the tree. It opens up the door to imaginative play and then the rest is down to the little one at the helm. All we can do is provide our children with the tools to play and learn, and watch as they dream up new scenarios to act out. That for me is exactly why I am such a big fan of Fisher Price.

The Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm retails at £39.99 which may sound a bit more expensive, but for the quality and the play value of a set that will last the toddler fumbles (which always happen) I would say it is worth every penny.

So with Christmas growing ever closer, and if you are looking for the perfect present for your little one. This may be the perfect gift for the avid farmer.

Disclaimer: I was sent the Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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