Saturday 14 December 2013

Sodastream Revolution Review

When people talk about Sodastream my mind ponders back to the once retro drinks maker that was all the craze way back when. This year I re-discovered Sodastream at BritMums Live and discovered just how modern these latest models have become.

Make way for the bubbles! Sodastream is back!

At the end of Summer I was sent a Sodastream Revolution to try out at home. I was really intrigued as to how I would get on with my very own Sodastream after only ever seeing them being tested and never actually trying one first hand. The demonstrations at BritMums Live with the Source models made it look really easy, and as the Revolution is the model up from the Source it should be easier still to get to grips with.

The Revolution is a really smart machine, and since it's arrival it was given a home in the corner of the kitchen so that we had it to hand should we fancy some bubbles.

What's in the box?

In the box you will find everything you need to get started:

- Instructions
- Carbonating bottle
- Sodastream Revolution
- Gas cylinder
- Plug

I spent a while working out how to make the Revolution realise that the gas cylinder had been inserted, and soon worked out that I had to press the 'Reset' button on the machine. This soon showed that the gas cylinder had been inserted and was full. It was ready to make some bubbles!

Before the first use I read the instructions, but I found the way they were set out tricky to follow. I think this is why upon first use I did the very thing you really aren't supposed to... I poured the flavour syrup into the water and carbonated it. Yup... The one thing you really shouldn't do. Doing this does two things, firstly it voids any warranty that you have with your machine, and secondly it makes the contents of your bottle go absolutely everywhere!

Luckily our initial mishap hasn't damaged the machine and since this I have gone on to discover just how easy it really is to make your very own bubbly drinks at home. We have been using it a lot, well I say we... I have been using it a lot. I purchased a flavours pack from Argos so that I could try a number of different flavours before narrowing it down to the ones that I really liked. I found this was a good way to weigh up some of  the flavours that were out there.

I thought it would be easy to just pop into the shops and find some Sodastream syrups but when it actually came down to it I realised that if I wanted to go out and buy some I would have to travel at least 20/25 minutes to our nearest stockist. It's easy to order online and I found that there is lots more choice if you are looking for specific flavours. I found Asda very good and offered competitive prices  with some coveted deals.

What I have found is that one Sodastream syrup lasts a long time, I have bought a number of flavours and been favouring the Cream Soda, but as you only need a lid full of syrup to add to the carbonated water. This makes the syrups very good value for money in my opinion.

All you have to do to get started on your bubble journey is fill up the the included bottle to the fill line with water, pop the bottle in the Revolution holder until it clicks into place and then push it back into place. Then simply select the level of bubbles that you want carbonating! Once you have your carbonated water you can add your syrup. I tend to put the carbonated water in the fridge after and then add the flavour later.

There is one thing that I pondered with the arrival of the Revolution and that was a question on how long the gas cylinder would last, and how often you would need to fit a replacement. I first installed our original in September and although we are still using the original cylinder now, it is only because it hasn't been used as much recently. I found the digital reading on the Revolution went down pretty quickly, and if I had carried on using it at the same pace I had been, we would have needed a new one within a couple of weeks. The replacement gas cylinders aren't badly priced but then I guess that depends on how quickly you are getting through them. Amazon have them on offer at £18.97 at the point of writing this review.

I really like the over all ease of use with the Revolution, it is easy to use and the on screen display is great. It lets you know where you are throughout the process of carbonating the water and is really easy to use once you know what you are doing.

It is going to be great having the Sodastream Revolution around at Christmas time when we have an influx of visitors. It will be great to be able to whip the flavours from the fridge and offer out a selection of different drinks and flavours. I think this is great for people who want a refreshment but don't drink, maybe pregnant ladies who want a special bit of fizz over the festive season. There are some virgin cocktail flavours available that would be perfect for this time of year!

Do you have a Sodastream on your Christmas list this year?

Disclaimer: I was sent the Sodastream Revolution for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own.

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