Friday 20 December 2013

Sent With A Loving Kiss

Sent With A Loving Kiss is the unique way to gift luxury chocolate. They are created in Hampshire by artisan chocolatiers using nothing but traditional methods and authentic ingredients. Belgian Cocoa, fresh milk and cream are the heart of this rich chocolate, that true chocolate lovers long for.

Each chocolate is crafted with care and always holds a personal touch for the recipient. Each Sent With A Loving Kiss gift is placed in a stainless silver tin with a personalised label printed on the front. You can have whatever you wish printed on this label to provide a truly personalised gift for someone special.

They make perfect gifts whatever the occasion, birthday's, anniversaries, thank yous, congratulations, new job, new home, new baby... Christmas!

We were recently sent the Santa Baby Chocolate Slab and I personally found the chocolate a great touch, I loved the tin in which it was presented in and the fact I could have it personalised to read whatever I wanted. I opted to have ‘Merry Christmas Luke & Leo’ but I sneakily didn’t tell them that this was the case so I didn’t have to share… Of course in typical Luke style he always knows when we have chocolate in the house. It is like he can smell it. So sooner rather than later, I ended up sharing.

I found the quality of the chocolate great, and even thought it was a nice thickness. I did wonder if there may be a few bars in there or how thick the chocolate was going to be when first seeing the depth of the box, but upon opening it I discovered that the chocolate is actually resting on shredded paper to keep it’s positioning at the top of the box.

The chocolate is really tasty and is perfect for sharing with friends and family (I say through gritted teeth) and I know that I will be keeping the tin for future goodies I bake up at home. The tin is definitely a really personal touch and something that you keep long after you have enjoyed the chocolate.

Disclaimer: received the Sent With A Loving Kiss Chcoolate for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions expressed are completely honest and my own. 

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