Tuesday 3 December 2013

Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming, December is here.
That familiar chill means Jack Frost is near.
Mulled wine and Mince pies, Christmas Trees and lights
All play a part in the festive delights.

As the tree was un-boxed and the magic swooned,
Little man stood there with a smile that simply ballooned!
Try as he might ‘mismas’ was all he could muster,
As the magic of Christmas began to fluster.

The Christmas tree stood covered all in snow,
And the fairy lights emitted a warm festive glow.
Little man tried to help his very best,
But Mumma completed it while he was having a rest…

The stringing of the lights put up a grand fight
And by the end, Mumma was a tangled up sight.
Sooner or later, they took their place on the tree,
And by morning little man couldn’t wait to see!

Little man jumped and bounded.
His entire being was completely astounded.
Little man’s reaction was one for the books,
His entire face took on the most magical of looks.

Beneath the tree ran the Polar Express,
The train alone was enough to impress.
As the train ploughed through the depths of Christmas,
Little man made sure he was taking care of business.

The train continued to toot and steam,
As that smile on little man’s face continued to beam.
Santa will soon be on his way, 
And until then the magic is here to stay.

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