Friday 20 December 2013

Tis The Season For The Lurgi!

I am now officially broken up for Christmas, in fact I actually finished an entire day earlier than planned. Leo came down with a cough and cold earlier this week, and as it progressed he just deteriorated, and it prompted me to book him into the doctors after work on Tuesday.

I was really thankful that I did book that doctors appointment, even though I originally booked it on the grounds of his cough carrying on and wanting to make sure it wasn't a chest infection..When I left him at 3pm to  return to work after my lunch break Leo still had a hint of that sparkle in his eyes, and he could still readily smile. When Granny met me at the doctors I learnt that in the space of those 2 hours that I had been at work, Leo had been un-consolable and had been pulling at his ears. 

He didn't even stop crying when I held him in my arms, he screamed through the entire doctors appointment and even the locum doctor looked concerned. Leo had a mild temperature and was obviously in pain. It was eventually decided that he had an ear infection on top of his cough and cold. My poorly little man just wanted lots of cuddles and needed to be kept topped up with pain relief.

Since Leo was about 18 months old has refused to take any kind of medicine, so I knew I was going to have my work cut out trying to coerce him into taking it. I can slip Calpol into Leo's milk without him really noticing, but when it comes to the Ibuprofen Leo refuses to drink it. To get this into him I literally had to pin him down and syringe it in. Of course then it was a battle to make sure he didn't spit it back out... But I was under doctor's orders to make sure he was dosed up.

I seem to have got Leo through the worst of the infection now, and he seems to be on the mend. The cough is still sticking around but that smile is back on his face. Now it is me who has decided to go down with the lurgi, i'm aching and sleepy... In fact I was aching so much last night that it was comparable to being 39 weeks pregnant, but hey at least I could see my toes!

My first couple of days of Christmas have been spent nursing the two year old and feeling sorry for myself. There is one blessing to come from all of this sickness though, and that is that it is happening right now and not directly over Christmas. 

You have to take these silver linings where you can, and I am determined to not let this get in the way of the fun festivities that we have planned for this next week.

We will beat this lurgi and be fit and healthy for Christmas day! 
Just you wait and see!

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