Wednesday 22 January 2014

30 Months Old

You turned 30 months old on the 27th December 2013, and in this month alone it saw you go through so many transitions. Life seemed to speed up that little bit more, if that is even possible? and you continued to blossom right before my eyes.

At 2 and a half years old you were modelling the world in your own special way, and your world was growing all of the time. You spent Christmas with everyone who loves you and for the first time, joined in with gift opening and the magic of the whole day.

The NewYear saw you starting nursery and being thrown into a whole new ball game. You were so excited at the prospect of attending big boy school and we all knew that we were going to start seeing a really big change in you over the coming months.

Your first session went really well and if you had it your way I think you would love to go more than just once a week. Waking up this morning I told you it was time to go to Granny’s and your reply was simple and precise ‘No! School!’.

You were saying more to me all the time, and despite everything that had been said atyour 2 and a half year check. I could see you coming along at your own pace. You were learning new words and starting to put more together. Your understanding has always been impeccable but as you continued to learn, it was all coming on in leaps and bounds.

It was in January that we decided to take the side on your cot down and turn it into the cot bed. The first 3 nights you slept in it as though there had been no change at all, but on the fourth night you took your first tumble (and so far only tumble) out of your big boy bed. I heard the bang and then your cries of ‘Mumma! Bed!’ and ran in to pick you up, and of course tuck you back in again.

I was so impressed with how you handled the change to your sleeping arrangements, and we only decided that now was time to make the switch because you were suddenly trying to climb out of your cot. I worried that you may fall and hurt yourself, so the decision was made to say goodbye to your cot sleeping days.

You have been so pleased with yourself over your climbing escapades, and you giggle whenever we talk about you cheekily climbing out of the travel cot at Granny’s house. In fact you beam with pride!

Having you sleeping in a bed these days instead of the cot that you have always been in is strange. Although I have known for the longest time that you are not a baby any more, making this transition has made you seem even more grown up.

You have taken to your bed so well and once I put you to bed that is where you stay. It was only on that very first night that you got up and out of bed once, now you only get out in the morning, and even then it is very rarely. You would much rather me come in and get you for a cuddle.

I feel very privileged to have such a well behaved little man, granted you have your moments but for the most part you are such a star. I did wonder if you would play up when we finally moved you into a bed, but you have been absolutely amazing. I can simply tuck you in at night and know that you will go off to sleep. You wont turn into a little monster and get up to play in your room or even attempt to run around the house. You know that when you go to bed, you go to sleep.

I guess it is the fact you are now sleeping in a bed and starting nursery that makes me really question where my baby has gone. They are 2 really big milestones within a very short space of time…But I can’t help thinking how you are more than ready for a new challenge.

We began to give you more freedom and in a sense more responsibility. I guess you could even say we were more trusting? Instead of your beaker we were giving you your big boy juice in a cup with no lid. You were doing so well with it and had very few spillages, and you just enjoyed being like Mummy and Daddy. You would now ask for your ‘big boy juice’ over anything else…Even over a bottle of milk!

This was another big transition that we began to introduce to you. Milk and blanket had been removed from the day to day routine and were now more or less for bedtimes and naptimes only. You asked for them both on occasion but I told you that if you wanted them, you would have to go for your naptime in bed. Cheekily you went upstairs telling me you wanted to go to bed.. Only to drink your milk and come back down stairs again! But I figured that you were still gaining an understanding of when you could have your two favourite items.

We were even venturing out without your blanket AND without your milk bottle! I was really pleased with how well you were taking this change as I expected more resistance when the time came. We were taking it day by day just to see what tomorrow might bring, but so far we were doing really well.

You were now even beginning to show an interest in your potty. For the longest time you have point blank refused to have anything to do with it. We have left you to it as we didn’t want to force you into anything that you simply were not ready for. All of a sudden one night you just sat on it. I don’t know what changed for you? But something must have as you even sat on it the right way around! Right now there has been no potty action in terms of any pee’s or poo’s… But we are getting there and I know that when you are ready they will happen.

Right now we are just so pleased with everything else you are doing, the rest will come in time.

You have achieved so much in the last month.
My little but grown up gorgeous boy.

I wonder what the next month will hold for you?

Only time will tell…

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