Tuesday 21 January 2014

Hopes for Snow

This winter has been pretty mild as far as winters go. It is only in recent days that I have found myself having to scrape the ice off the car and have a thorough de-frost before I can actually drive off to work in the morning. Leo is loving this sudden drop in temperature, and with his thick coat on he has even been helping me scrape the car in the morning before we whiz off up the road to see Granny.

I for one am really hoping that we see some snow over the next couple of months, Leo is now at an age where I know that he is going to love the experience. This year if we are lucky enough to get some of the white stuff, we can even build are very first snowman together. In anticipation of Jack Frost clicking his finger and rewarding us with some coveted snow, I have even invested in a sledge over the last few days. 

Last year when the snow did finally come I suddenly realised the absence of the sledge I thought we had stored away. Turns out that it had disappeared and couldn't be found for love nor money. Sledges are one of those items that you don't give a single thought about until it snows and when it does you suddenly realise the lack of stock available. If you can make it to the shops and find one.. They will be sold out within minutes, and it is then that you kick yourself for not buying one in advance.

So on Friday in the mild weather that January had shared with us, I slung a sledge under one arm and purchased it in advance, and in high anticipation that snow would come and greet us before winter was over.

This month was predicted to be the wettest January on record,  Jessica Bridge a PR and Communications Executive  for Ladbrokes recently commented 'The odds are falling as quick as the rain and it looks like January's downpours will enter the record books!'

Disclaimer: In Association with Ladbrokes

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