Friday 10 January 2014

The English National Opera

I have never been to the opera, it something that has never really cropped up on our entertainment list. The opera is a completely different experience to the theater or cinema and something that might not be for everyone. 

I am not really up to date on what the must see opera's are, or what they are all about. But I know those that do go along enjoy a enriching experience that extends far further than words. I guess opera these days may not be considered the most popular choice among the younger generation, and they would prefer to head to the cinema to see the new up and coming film rather than head to the opera house. Maybe that is why I have never gone along? I don't really know, but if a performance ever did catch my eye I would be more than happy to go along to see what I think.

ENO (English National Opera) is one of the world’s most innovative and accessible opera companies with an international reputation for distinctive, contemporary and highly theatrical productions. Their aim is to create the future of opera and open it up to everybody. They are dedicated to creating new audiences for the opera, which means getting the likes of you and I involved and going along. 

From now until the 27th February 2014 you can head along to the ENO and watch Peter Grimes. Peter Grimes is an opera all about a fisherman and his uneasy relationship with the other inhabitants of their fishing village. Following the death of Grimes's apprentice, the community presumes Grimes to have played a guilty hand in his death, despite him being cleared of any wrong doing, the villagers no longer trust him, and when his new apprentice accidentally falls to his death, Grimes spirals towards a tragic breakdown...

So maybe I need to head along to the ENO and finally see what everyone is talking about? Maybe this should be my goal for 2014? It would definitely be a cultured experience.

Have you ever been along to the opera? 

What did you think?

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