Tuesday 14 January 2014

Classic Cars

It may seem a long way off right now, but spring is about to come knocking on our door, and summer will follow suit shortly after. I am already in-visioning the long sunny days with BBQs and a relaxing pimms in the luxury of the garden.

When the sun shines everything is better. The grass seems greener and the skies are blue, it is the perfect excuse for owners of sports cars, or even the classic and vintage cars to being their big boy toys out to play. You seem to see dozens of these kinds of vehicles as soon as the sun decides to show his face, it's as though the dust covers they have been safely nestled in all winter long have suddenly been blown off so they can hit the open road!

Having a classic car is the kind of thing dreams are made of for some people. I know my Father has always lusted after owning one, but thus far has accepted admiring them from a far.  Maybe one day when he retires he will treat himself, but for now he is happy to watch them as they drive by.

Vintage cars need lots if TLC and a great place to start is by looking into a specialised classic car insurance policy. By simply searching for Classic Car Insurance UK you will discover Footman James who have been offering this specialised car insurance for 30 years. They understand that classic cars are more than just vehicles, they are a hobby and a passion which really does set them aside from your average car insurance provider.

I for one am really looking forward to waving these cold winter days goodbye. I am more than ready to welcome in the sunshine and see the vintage cars take to the roads.

Then we will all know that summer has well and truly arrived.

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