Thursday 9 January 2014

New Year

If you’re after a great way to bring in the New Year, fancy dress is it. Dressing up is a superb way of adding a little light-hearted fun into the equation and when better to be a little silly than at your New Year celebrations? If you plan a little in advance, you can organise a fab theme for you and your fellow partygoers to join in with, so that you can bring the New Year in in true, fancy dress style.
While you haven’t got long left to sort out an outfit, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look suitably daft. With loads of fancy dress at George, you can pick up a super outfit for an affordable price and with around a week following the Christmas festivities available for you to head for the shops, you have just enough time to get yourself sorted. Here are five themes that may help to inspire you so that you welcome the New Year with a bang.

  1. Superheroes – It may be a little samey but it’s a guaranteed outfit that will always go down a storm. You could throw some ideas together or you could pick up a readymade costume from George for a few pounds. Almost everyone has a favourite superhero – Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, for example – and dressing up as them is a super, easy way of theming a New Year party.
  2. Grease Grease will always be the word, no matter how many years pass since this musical first stepped foot into our lives. Whether you wish to dress as Rizzo or Sandy from the Pink Ladies, or you’ve got your comb and gel ready for a teddy-boy hair cut to morph into a T-Bird, Grease is a fun-filled, cheesy theme that will definitely turn a few heads!
  3. Eighties – The more garish, loud and proud that your eighties outfit is, the better! Think neon tutus and legwarmers, loud earrings and back-combed hair. The eighties is a monumental era of music and cult movies, and with various themed bars and clubs in cities all over the country, you will look right at home.
  4. Cult Icons – From Marilyn Monroe and Ginger Spice to Baywatch fave, The Hoff, complete with lifesaving float, there are plenty of characters and famous stars that have gained cult status over the years, and New Year is a great time to become your favourite star for the night.
  5. Flapper – Transport yourself back to the 1920s/1930s with a glamorous flapper outfit. Guys can dress up in their fancy suits while the ladies can accessorise with jewels, cigarette holders and feather headpieces. It’s a perfect option if you’re choosing to have a New Year’s Party at home too, because you can add a few touches to your home to make it even more realistic.

You may not have much time left before New Year arrives, but there are plenty of last minute ideas available for you to use. Whether you choose to bundle something together from your fancy dress collection or you decide to treat yourself from the selection in the stores or online, say hello to 2014 in style! 

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