Friday 24 January 2014

The One Where Leo Says 'Love You'

As bedtime descends each evening at 7pm, we prepare to put Leo to bed.
He's washed and ready to take the walk up those stairs to get all snuggled under his sheets.
Blanket in hand, milk in the other and all ready to get into his grown up bed.
I sit on his bed as I do every night and we talk about the day that is now coming to an end.
We talk about what he did and what he may be doing tomorrow, 
I give him a kiss and he pretends to take my nose, 
while I cusp my thumb in such a way and steal his nose away.
We giggle and savour the moment before the littlest house member turns in for the night.

I give him one last kiss, and one last nose snuggle before I get up to leave his bed.
I tell him I love him just like I do every night.
As usual I hang by his door, wondering if tonight may be the night that he says it back.
Then out of no where when I was just about to leave...
Leo says 'Love you'.

I smile and turn around to go and give him a big squeeze! 
I say 'Love you' again and he repeats it again and again!
All be it with his bottle firmly in his mouth, but he was saying it none the less.
I give Leo one final kiss and tuck him back into bed, 
I head downstairs with the baby monitor where I tell him I love him once again.
Then over the baby monitor Leo say's 'Love you' and goes straight off to sleep.

Another sign that perseverance and providing the time and space will bring Leo on in leaps and bounds.

Today I love you.
Tomorrow or some day soon... The rest will come.


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