Friday 10 January 2014

Feelings Following the 2 & A Half Year Check

In the days following Leo’s 2 and a half year check I have found I can think of nothing else. When I am closing my eyes trying to fall asleep I replay snippets from the appointment, and I try and think of ways in which I can try and get Leo’s speech up to scratch.

I always knew that Leo wasn't talking as much as other children his age, but I tried not to read into it as I know that children develop in different ways at different times. Leo has always been a ‘doer’ and that is as true today as it always has been, and I know that the speech will come along in all its glory once he’s ready. But that doesn’t mean for one second that he isn’t talking and getting involved in conversations. Because he IS! He is copying what I say more and more these days and he is taking everything in.

I think ultimately I do feel frustrated by how the appointment went. I feel frustrated because I know that Leo is capable than so much more than she saw. Leo is stubborn and will not perform, that is just not who he is.

So while I do feel that Leo will benefit from some extra support with his speech, I don’t feel she weighed him up correctly on the day. There are a number of factors as to why Leo didn’t play ball, and I am sure that could be said for many other children.

I have taken options away from the check-up, one of the suggestions was getting Leo into nursery for a few hours a week. So this Friday we are visiting our nursery of choice and getting him booked in for a Wednesday afternoon session so that he can socialise with other children his age. I am hoping from this experience he will find the confidence and words he needs to communicate with them. Nursery is something that I was originally holding off on until he was 3, but I think he is ready. I am hoping it will really spur him on.

One thing that I am guilty of since returning to work is not going along to toddler groups. When I was on maternity leave we were very active in groups, we went along to baby massage, baby sign and sign and a number of other groups… But when I returned to work full time in July 2012 it all came to a stop. I had no time for groups working Monday to Friday and although we saw friends with children, it wasn’t always guaranteed to be a weekly occurrence. So now I am going to be taking Leo along to groups that run on either a Thursday or Friday so that we can put ourselves out there and for Leo to carry on socialising.

I admittedly have mixed feelings about what was said at the appointment, but all I want is to get my bright, beautiful little man using those words of his. I want to fill his mind full of lessons that will help him going forward. I want him to have a good time and grow from his experiences.

I have been looking online at ways in which I can help Leo further, but if you have any personal advice on helping late talkers talk I would love to hear your thoughts on what else I can be doing?

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