Thursday 30 January 2014

Three great things to do This Year

It may be the month when we all feel like hibernating, but by getting out and making just a little effort, it could turn into the month that passes in a whirlwind of fun and activity. Here are some of our ideas for ways you can make these next few months a little more enjoyable.

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Spend more time in the kitchen – if your life is normally a routine of microwave meals and processed snacks, a new year could be a great opportunity to do some real cooking. Even if it’s just one new recipe a week, check out the healthy options, get yourself into the local grocery, butchers or farm shop instead of the supermarket and take the time to make something from scratch. You’ll build up your confidence, eat more healthily and feel you’ve made a real investment in your life for 2014. If you’re feeling really brave, invite people to an informal dinner or buffet and then resolve to make everything yourself.

Throw a party – if you didn’t have a party or see all your friends over the festive period, now is a great time to entertain. Everyone’s feeling a bit low after Christmas, no-one’s calendar is full and lots of people are ready for a catch-up and a new-year boost. Make sure you cater for all those people who have made New Year’s resolutions about food and drink, but most of all, get all the people you love together and give them a reason to have some fun. It can even be an opportunity to dress up, be it with a stylish dress or afreshly ironed men’s shirt, to give a sense of occasion to your party and help fight the winter blues.

Refresh your outdoor wardrobe – if you’d like to be more active, but your wardrobe is letting you down, make the most of the sales and replace the old with the new. Invest in dedicated  men’s trousers for walking, choose from a range of bright, bold ladies’ waterproof jackets, get yourself a heavy cotton polo t-shirt for layering, or invest insome cotton traders women’s’ trousers that are both comfortable and flattering. Once you’re kitted out, you can spend some weekends exploring instead of being boring!

Whatever you choose, make sure 2014 is at a flying start. You’ll have more get-up-and-go, you’ll feel ready for the year ahead and you won’t be stuck in a rut, wondering how to manage the rest of the winter. Before you know it, the days will be longer, the temperatures higher and there will be even more opportunities to do something different.

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