Monday 20 January 2014

The First Day at Nursery

Monday 20th January saw Leo heading out on an entirely new adventure. An adventure that he would be experiencing alone for the first time without me stood firmly by his side.

It was his very first day at nursery school.

After visiting the nursery only just over a week ago, we quickly got him enrolled as soon as we were offered a place. Leo had loved the initial visits so much that he hadn't wanted to leave, so today when Leo awoke in such high spirits and excitement to be able to return to nursery, I knew he was going to have a great time.

We got ready in record time and Leo even co-operated in putting his socks on, handing me his actual feet instead of his hands as he usually does for a giggle.
I got as much breakfast inside of Leo as I could and had already prepared his Thomas rucksack with everything that he would need the night before. 

We hopped in the car and my happy little man talked of nothing but school the entire way there. Arriving in the car park we couldn't go anywhere until Leo had his rucksack firmly on his shoulders, and then he was ready for anything, including his first day of nursery.

Leo held my hand tentatively as we waited for the school gates to open, and when they did we walked proudly across the playground and up to the nursery. There on the board outside were all of the children's names that would be in attendance at Leo's very first session, everybody else's had a little photograph of themselves on, Leo's simply had his name on this occasion, but we found it and went to stick it on his coat peg.

Together Leo and I hung up his coat and his Thomas bag, only taking out the fruit snack we had brought with us to place in the fruit bowl. Then the door to the nursery opened and we were welcomed in, and that is when Leo simply ran inside and took himself off among the toys and the other children.

I knew there and then that my happy go lucky toddler was going to be more than happy on his new adventure. And very soon he would have a vast set of new friends, he was never going to be going it alone. 

Plus there were so many different toy trains for Leo to find...

The 3 hours passed quickly, and very soon I was back picking him up again. I stood at the doorway and peered through. I could see Leo sat quietly at one of the tables with a helper. They were building blocks together and Leo looked blissfully content and of course ready for a nap.

I stood there until Leo spotted me, and that was when he began to cry. He was ready to come home with me. 3 hours was the perfect amount of time for Leo. I walked over to him and gave him a big cuddle and told him that it was time to come home now. Leo happily let me scoop him up in my arms and carry him out.

I was talking with the nursery helpers and they were all so pleased with how his first session had gone, he had played completely happily from 9:00am when I dropped him off right through to 11:00am when he suddenly realised that I had gone. I had even given him a cuddle and said goodbye before I went and he had been absolutely fine. I am guessing it was around 11:00am that he began to get tired. The nursery staff were great in comforting him and giving him cuddles, and by the time I arrived at 12:00pm he was absolutely fine.

They said that he got involved in everything, played and socialized, especially loving the play house and kitchen. I bet he has been making lot's of pretend cups of tea for everybody today! 

Today's just the beginning of Leo's latest adventure, and I know that he is going to suddenly blossom before my eyes over the next couple of months.

Not long after getting home... He wanted to go back to school!
I think next week is going to be highly coveted by my 2 and a half year old.

And you know what? The little boy who up until recently has taken his bottle of milk and comfort blanket absolutely everywhere... Today left them both at home and started a whole new adventure without them.


  1. Oh I'm so glad it went well and he was so excited for his first day at school. Long may it continue. x


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