Thursday 2 January 2014

The Santa Express 2013

One of our avid and most anticipated Christmas traditions has to be the Santa Express. It is an event we have been taking Leo along too since he was 5 months old. This year was our third visit, and with each year we have gone along, Leo has become that little bit more animated and excited. 

This year I booked it in for Christmas Eve, I had been looking forward to it since the begining of November when I decided to get the tickets sorted. I couldn't think of a better way to kick start Christmas than taking a real trip on the Polar Express! I knew that the highlight of Leo's day would simply be chugging along on a steam train kitted out in tinsel, but for me I was excited for whole experience.

At 2 and a half years old Leo is now at an age where you can discuss where you are going and what you will be doing, so Leo was very excited on our trip to the train station when he realised that we would all be hopping on a 'choo!'. 

The car journey over to the station was full of chitter chatter about our impending train ride, and when we finally pulled up, Leo was skipping along holding my hand. He didn't even seem excited at the prospect of seeing Santa on this occasion, he was all abut the train. 

With one very excited toddler we boarded the Santa Express and found some seats where Leo could sit and stare contently out of the window while he clutched his magical train ticket. Everywhere I looked all I could spy were excited children who were off to see Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. The train conductor was walking up and down the carriage and telling everyone about the magical trip we were about to embark on. 

The funny thing about the North Pole is that each and every time we have visited over the last 3 years, there has been no snow. The conductor explained that due to global warming the North Pole has seen quite a dramatic reduction in the amount of snow that they actually see when they visit. Shocking.. But true. 

You would probably be suprised at just how quickly you reach the North Pole these days, but we go through one very long, very dark magical tunnel... and then you are there! An influx of passengers disembark the train and form an orderly line outside Santa's grotto, ready to see the main man himself. Leo was getting rather sleepy by this point, but we spurred him on and even managed to get a photo of the magical moment.  

We love our visits to the North Pole, they always serve up the tastiest of Mince Pies and with every visit it truly helps us slip into the Christmas Spirit. Leo even being one of the fussiest eaters I know will happily consume the North Pole Mince Pies...

Being on our magical adventure, one we have taken each year since Leo's very first Christmas always puts me in a reflective mood. I cannot help but look back and see just how far he has come, how much he has learnt and just simply marvel at all that he is. This whole adventure that really set out as one just to please me, is now something that Leo absolutely loves. It is something that all 3 of us can enjoy together, and it is set to stay that way for many Christmas's to come. 

You really can see a difference over the years we have been visiting, just look at how grown up Leo now looks in comparison to his first visit.


  1. OMG that is so cute!!!

    We very nearly went on the Polar Express this year but I stupidly let everyone pursuade me that 9 months is "too young" and a waste of money - I so wish I hadnt listened! What a lovely tradition to have from the beginning!!


    1. I highly recommend going. Even if they don't remember you will! And you will have the photos to show them when their older :) x

  2. That is so cute! What a lovely way to visit a shopping centre grotto, that's for sure!

    Sarah Anne


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