Wednesday 22 January 2014

Are We Reliant On The Internet?

In today’s digital age we rely heavily on the internet through our work and our play, we are connected by our phones, our computers and our tablets almost anywhere that we go. If we aren’t connected by our 3G phone signal we may have found a hot spot to quickly check our emails, or pulled up at a service station along the motorway to catch a working break.

It really is that simple because the internet is now very accessible to absolutely everybody who has a Wi-Fi enabled device.

VirginMedia have posed a very interesting question to parent bloggers about the importance of internet access for their everyday lives, and how different life might be without it?

This got me thinking about how regularly I actually use the internet and just how important it actually is to me as an active blogger. The answer of course is that without it… I wouldn’t be able to update this here blog and document Leo’s journey the way that I do.

I do use the internet regularly on the laptop in an evening when Leo is tucked up in bed, But even when I am not on the laptop, my phone is connected all of the time. It means that no matter where I am I will always be connected to the world wide web (unless of course there is no phone signal…).

I can remember a time when to be able to access the internet you had to dial up each and every time you wished to use it, and even then it would dominate the entire phone line the whole time you were logged on, meaning that no one could reach anyone else on the phone while it was connected. It just goes to show how the times have changed and now not only can you receive phone calls while online, you can access it on many different kinds of devices from anywhere within your home. Hands up if you are guilty to using your iPad… In the bath!?

I guess it goes to show that I am pretty dependent upon the internet as I use it to fuel my hobby. Without internet access I couldn’t manage my blog or add new content to it. I wouldn’t be able to read the many blogs that I do, or socialise with so many different people scattered around the globe.

The internet has opened up so many possibilities to everyone who uses it, we can find out what the news is and we can even discuss our opinions on the news in online forums with likeminded people (or even the not so likeminded people…). We can have a free video conversation with friends and family via Skype anywhere in the world, whereas before the internet we would have had to settle for a phone call and a hefty phone bill…

The more I think about how much importance the internet holds to our everyday lives, the more I realise that it has given us so much freedom and opportunity and we would definitely miss it if it was to ever go away.

So I now ask you this question..

What are your views on the importance of internet access for your everyday lives, and how different would your life be without it?

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  1. I use the internet for everything....Keeping in touch with family & friends, shopping, checking my bank, paying bills....I don't think I could live without it!

    1. It's amazing really how much we do rely on it! x


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