Wednesday 25 April 2012

Baby Sing & Sign - Week One

Yesterday Leo and I embarked on our baby signing journey, this will be the last group we attend together before I return to work, and this makes it extra special. I had been looking forward to attending for a few months, after booking it back in February. Leo and I had started doing a few signs at home and have had success with the 'Milk' sign.

Now the course has started we will be attending every Tuesday at 11:00am right through until the beginning of July. We will be learning many new signs and songs to try and communicate with each other, and give Leo a better understanding.

Our morning started out early, where I even awoke to an alarm! This is pretty un-heard of these days as Leo is usually the main culprit in waking me up. The beauty of awaking to an alarm, rather than a baby is the 'snooze' button. What an amazing invention and my oh my, I have missed it.

The baby signing is a 20 minute drive away, this gave Leo ample opportunity to close his bright Blue eyes, and true to form it was not long before he was fast asleep and dreaming. We arrived early giving Leo chance to catch some more 'Z Zz's' and when it was time to go in, he woke up and just wanted cuddles with his Mummy. I knew it would not take him long to come into his own and take baby signing by storm.

There was about 15 Mum's in total who were all wanting to get their babies on the road to signing. Some Mummy's were on there Second term and already knew all the songs and many of the signs, this did make me feel a little worried, as sometimes it can be hard to keep up when things move along so quickly, but everyone was very welcoming and the instructor went through everything so everyone could take part. It was lovely to meet some like minded Mummy's who wanted to achieve the same things.

Leo was slowly coming around and sneakily edging off my lap, it only took him a few minutes to decide that he did not want to stay next to his Mummy. He would much rather crawl away at lightening speed and mingle with all the other babies.

Leo was One of the older babies attending the group and also seemed to be the cheekiest too. He made his way into the centre of the circle and bee lined for the lady teaching the class. He was first to choose a musical instrument and wasted no time in using it. Despite my greatest efforts Leo did not wish to come back and join me in the signing and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his time learning from the instructor. Maybe this is a good thing? Learning from the best in the class cannot be a bad thing!

Of course this must have made me look rather comical, signing 'Chicken' by jiggling my arms up and down to no-one, as my baby boy had all but abandoned me. I got around my stage fright in the knowledge that everyone else was participating too and once you got into the session, it was all very enjoyable.

The first session taught the basic signs, which will be very helpful.
They consist of:

- All Gone
- Milk
- Drink
- Eat

We all sang songs using the actions we had been learning and as this was going on, time was ticking by as suddenly an hour had elapsed and the class was coming to an end. I feel that this will be a lovely way to spend our Tuesday mornings, and I look forward to learning more as the weeks go on.

I cannot think of a more amazing way to finish off my leave, while learning with Leo and also bonding on a whole new level.



  1. I think baby signing is the most amazing thing. One of my first blog posts was about our experience.
    My daughter didn't sign for several months but now signs regularly and I am sure because she can communicate and I can understand her it has saved a lot of tantrums!
    Enjoy it is great fun and don't worry if not much happens straight away they say it's normally on or after 10 months anyway (oh and most kids in our group wandered / crawled around midway through so don't worry there will be a group of mummies making chicken signs at each other by the end! lol! xxx

    1. Hi lovely, I agree it is amazing. Such a great experience too. I will have a read. I love all things baby signing, especially other people's experience with it.

      I think it really does eliminate frustration in those years before they can talk.

      :-)) I hope that I am not the only Mummy making chicken signs! hehe xx


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