Sunday 29 April 2012

Little Me Organics Review - Shhh Sleepy Head Range

Over the past week, I have been tweeting all about my little nocturnal monster, who has been fighting sleep at every corner. I even blogged about it here. In fact I must have gone on about my sleep deprivation to the point of every body's distraction, as it was not long before Keep Me Inspired came forward with a potential solution to my current situation.

Keep Me Inspired very kindly sent out Little Me Organics for Leo and I to review, in the hope it would help us both get some sleep. I was at the point where I would try anything and just that little glimmer of hope kept me going.

If you have not heard much about Little Me Organics, you will be pleased to know that their products contain Organic Essential Oils, which are renowned for their therapeutic benefits. They worked very closely with the well-known aromatherapist Glenda Taylor while developing their diverse product range.

There are currently 3 lovely baby ranges on the market:

Leo and I started using the 'Shhh Sleepy Head' range last night. This range contains the comforting aroma of Dill & Organic Lavender, it is to help baby rest and help them to sleep more soundly. The Lavender helps to settle and calm the baby, and of course Dill is renowned for its calming properties.

I kept everything the same with our routine and when it came round to bath time, I simply switched from our usual bath products. I replaced the bubble bath with 'Shhh Sleepy Head Bath Milk'. I was instantly impressed with the bath milk's no bubbles formulation. Not to mention the lovely Dill and Lavender aroma that swept across the bath room as it hit the hot water.

I got Leo ready for his bath and as usual he happily kicked away and splashed until his little heart's content. He always loves bath time.

When it came to washing Leo's hair and giving him a wash, I switched the baby shampoo with 'Shhh Sleepy Head Hair and Body Wash', I put a little on my hand and massaged it into his head and body. It has to be said that it all smells so delicious, and that alone would make me want to use it again.

Bath time is always a good way for Leo to burn off that extra energy he may have left over, and also start to un-wind for his bedtime. I try to keep it the same each and every night just so we don't get into any bad habits. While he is happy in the bath, I let him play around and enjoy himself. There is always something relaxing about a bath just before bed...

It is soon time to get my little water baby out of the tub, wrap him up in a nice warm towel and get him all dried off. I love breathing in his baby smell right around this time of night and it always makes my heart skip a beat. Last night with his lovely Lavender and Dill aroma, it was 10 times better than usual. He smelt good enough to eat.

I got him all dried off and started to massage 'Shhh Sleepy Head Body Cream' into his tummy, arms and legs. He lay there very content and just looked incredibly relaxed. The body cream is so light that once massaged into the skin, it is soon absorbed. It lets off the Lavender and Dill fragrance which in turn helps to calm baby right down, while also aiding any dry tender skin.

Leo is currently suffering from dry skin on his arms and legs, and this is something I think has been brought on by the bubble bath we had been using. One of the things I did notice last night, was that his dry skin seemed to be very well moisturised. I am optimistic that with continued use of Little Me Organics, that Leo's skin will be soft to the touch in no time.

After Leo's bath, he seemed incredibly relaxed, he sat on my lap and cuddled into me. It was not long before we prepared his bottle of Milk and went up-stairs. Over the past week, Leo has been drinking his Milk and then deciding to stand up in his cot to scream and shout. Last night he went down without a peep.

In fact last night was such a good night, despite the fact that he graced me with his presence at 4am, he took his Milk as good as gold and returned straight to his cot and closed his eyes once again. Then to add even more icing to a already very iced cake...Leo slept in until 10am.

I am sure that the bath aided this sudden change in Leo, all the soothing aromas floating around even sent me all dreamy! The bath and the magic aromas certainly relaxed him if nothing else. I am so glad that I have been able to try these, as now I have discovered this organic range, I will be avoiding synthetic fragrances where possible in the future.

Tonight Leo has had his Little Me Organic bath, and once again he is down and sleeping like a baby.

The Shhh Sleepy head range is very well priced and in my eyes is worth every penny:

 It is also worth mentioning to all you yummy Mummy's to be, that they have a 'Mum to be'organic range just for you. It contains Rose Hip, Organic Vanilla and Grapefruit, the 3 products in this range help ease your skin into pregnancy, as well as helping you to unwind with beautifully blooming skin.

Of course there are probably other factors in Leo's sudden change in sleep behaviour. This past week we have not used our Gro Bag due to the house being too warm for it, so Leo has been going down without this. Last night I re-introduced the Gro bag and there was no drama or tears. I am sure that the Little Me Organics - Shhh Sleepy Head range have certainly given us a good start in our bath time routine, and this is something I will be continuing.


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  1. Great review! I must get me some of this, althoughy
    Bubba sleeps pretty well I love anything that has lavender in it, hopefully it might help with his excema too :-)

    1. Thanks lovely. Leo and I give it a big thumbs up. Well and truly switched to it now. Seems to be helping Leo's dry skin which I think could potentially be excema.



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