Saturday 21 April 2012

The Teething Bling Review

Leo and I have been going through the teething motions for month's now, although we do only have his Two bottom peg's to show for it. This of course means we have plenty more to come along to complete his pearly white set.

I am always looking for new innovative ways to help Leo on his quest for teeth and have always heard such glowing reviews in regards to teething jewelry. Over the months I have become more and more curious to find out why all these Mummy's swear by it as they do.

I have been sent some Teething Bling to review, and upon first impressions. I can see why Mummy's and babies love it so. Since Leo was about 12 weeks old, I have given up on necklaces and wearing anything pretty. The reason being my little monster who loves to tug the chains from my neck, and more often than not put it straight into his mouth...Seeing a pattern here?

Teething Bling, by Smart Mom is designed exactly for this purpose, making it ok for our cheeky monkey's to tug and chew on. They are specifically designed for little fingers and teething gums, while also giving Mummy a little treat too. I have to say it has been lovely being able to wear some jewelry again, and also knowing that I do not have to worry about Leo breaking it or potentially swallowing anything.

The Teething Bling pendants and bangles are made of the same silicone that is used in most teething toys. They are completely free of phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead and latex. To add extra reassurance the necklace pendants even come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.

The range is very extensive and there will be something in the ever growing collection to catch your eye. We are very pleased with our smart Moonstone coloured pendant and matching bangle. There are so many different colour variations, patterns, shimmers and shapes, that setting your eye on just one, can actually be really hard work.

The real beauty with Teething Bling is that it goes with absolutely anything, and unless you tell someone it is made specifically for your baby to chew on....No-one will ever know!

Since receiving my Teething Bling on Thursday, I have been religiously wearing it and Leo has really enjoyed being allowed to pull it and chew it. He of course thinks he is being incredibly mischievous but little does he know...He is doing exactly what he is supposed to!

I just wish I had discovered Teething Bling sooner, as it is in constant demand right now between Leo and I. I really love the look of both the pendant and bangle and also the convenience of not having to quickly run back into the house to find his missing teething toy. There is no worry of baby dropping it on a dirty floor while out and about, and when baby is not playing with it for those Five minutes you can enjoy it, as a stylish necklace to accompany your outfit.

For those of you who have not tried Teething Bling yet, I highly recommend it and I am sure you will agree. They are the perfect gift's for Mother's to be, who will have a teething baby at some point in the not so distant future, and not only does it have it's practical uses but it will also be the one piece of jewelry, that she will be wearing a few months down the line after becoming a Mummy.

By now you are probably wondering how much one of these would cost, and how you can get One (Or Five) of your very own?

Well... Teething Bling are very reasonably priced at only £12.95 for a pendant and £8.95 for a bangle. Taking into account that these innovative pieces of jewelry have Two very special jobs, looking pretty and helping your baby's pearly whites on their merry way, you cannot get much more reasonable than that right!?

You can purchase online, right now at

Enjoy your new found style, as I know Leo and I are!


I will leave you with some of my favourite designs...

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  1. I love the teething Bling range-Joshua now never even lets me wear the necklace-he just walks around wearing it and chewing it himself at the same time!!x

    1. Hey lovely, it is fab isn't it. Aw bless Josh! Glad he likes it! Hope you are both well :-)) xx

  2. This Teething blings are gorgeous. Fashion and functionality in one. A nice investment for moms and babies indeed. :D

    1. I agree! They are brilliant and Leo loves it. Always gives it a good old nibble when I wear it xx


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